Interior Painting Trends Are “Lightening Up”

When the weather turns cool and Kansas City area families turn their attention indoors, painting projects do the same. Interior house painting is popular in the late Fall and Winter, not just because it gives people something to do, but because it gives them something different to look at when everything outside is monochrome gray.

If you’re considering a project like this, you’ll want to…

A Guide to Planning Your Next Painting Project

When summer comes, so does our desire to take on projects we’ve been putting off. When the heat and humidity drive us inside to air-conditioned relief, plenty of home-improvement projects stare us in the face. Fortunately, long summer days are the perfect opportunity to cross things off our to-do lists.

If your list includes an interior or exterior painting project, it may seem so…

Interior Painting Options For Open Floor Plans

an open floor plan has different variations of the same color

If you have a nice, open floor plan in your home…congrats! Nothing is more inviting than a nice open space to relax. Choosing paint colors for your space, however, can be the opposite of relaxing. It can be downright unnerving for many homeowners.

Open floor plans can certainly be tricky. Whereas a more traditional spaces has walls, doorways and other natural borders that create breaks…

Back To School Means Back To Projects

a home is repainted during back to school season with gorgeous purples

With back to school season nearly here, it signals a return to sanity for many parents and homeowners around Kansas City. Summer vacations and sports are nearly over. Free time will be on the rise.

But it’s also a time for projects. Home improvements that were put on hold for the summer come back to the forefront. The “to-do’s” didn’t go away, they just took a summer break along wit…

The Ultimate Guide To Exterior Painting In Kansas City

a home is painted with gray paint and white trim in a contemporary design

So, you’ve decided that your home’s exterior has had enough. You know that you don’t want to tackle painting it yourself – for the sake of time and quality – and you’re ready to find the best exterior painting company in the Kansas City Metro.  We all know the value of a quality paint job comes from the length of time that it lasts (fyi, our paint jobs are 10 to 15 years on average).

Painting Versus Staining Your Deck

a deck is stained and not painted in olathe kansas, using brown dark stain

We hear from a lot of customers asking about our opinion on painting versus staining decks. Let me cut to the chase…stain will provide the best protection for your outdoor surface. It will need to be re-stained every few years though. Even the best stain fades eventually; especially in high-traffic areas. And that’s what decks are…high traffic areas for you and your family in the spring,…

Repainting Your Kids’ Bedrooms This Summer

repainted kids' bedrooms using patterns of red and green stripes

So you’re thinking about repainting your kids’ rooms this summer. It may be about time to get down to it. A child’s bedroom goes through more transformation than any other room in the house, from a nursery through to a teen retreat, so this space will need several updates over the years. But where to start? There are literally a thousand and one ideas on Pinterest, but summer might be over…

3 Reasons Professionals Should Do Small Home Projects

a professional from KCNP fixes a deck with a screw and a hammer

One of the challenges of owning a home is the physical upkeep of it, especially any wooden surfaces or structures. Decks, sheds, exterior and interior walls and other surfaces need regular maintenance to keep from deteriorating to the point they have to be replaced. That’s a big ticket item when it does happen. If you’ve ever had to replace a deck, or replace portions of a rotted exterior…

3 Ways To Avoid A Bad House Painting Experience

a bad house painting experience is shown by a brown blob of paint on the wall

One of the unfortunate conversations we have all to often is a recount of the last “horrible” experience a customer had with a cut-rate house painting company, or a national chain that didn’t live up to expectations. With that in mind, here’s x ways to avoid a bad house painting experience.

Hire an established local business

Similar to many service industries, there’s a blend of…

How Wood Rot Destroys Home Sale Values

johnson county wood rot picture

Wood rot is a serious problem to be faced with if you are selling your home in Johnson County. If you’re in this boat, you’re not alone – approximately 20 billion board feet of timber are destroyed by wood rot in the United States each year– far more than is damaged annually by fire! Replacement wood used to repair damage caused by wood rot accounts for almost 10 percent of the annual wood…

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