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Things To Consider When Repainting A Luxury Home

Luxury homes (or “high-end” homes) are more difficult to repaint than average homes. We’ve been busy in areas like Mission Hills, Leawood and parts of Prairie Village so far this spring, and there’s some common elements among them. A few things to consider:

Surface prep is more important than most realize – Many of these luxury high-end homes are actually older homes. Repainting…

5 Warning Signs of an Interior Painting Disaster

an interior painting disaster is waiting to happen with too much paint on ladder

One of the biggest considerations people often make with their homes interior is whether or not they are going to do it themselves. Often it comes down to the value of their time. Doing a big interior job – and doing it right – takes a great deal of time (and skill).

But all that aside, let’s say you’ve decided to repaint the inside of your Kansas City house. And you’re going to hir…

4 Reasons To Paint Your Home Interior This Winter

With the winter months approaching, we’ve laid out a plan to help you get the interior you’ve always wanted without spending an arm and a leg. There’s actually quite a few reasons that you should consider painting your home interior this winter. I know that most people associate painting as a task for the warm weather. That’s true for exterior painting – although we paint well into t…

Popular 2016 Interior Painting Colors

Sky blue is a favorite inside paint color for kansas city homes in 2016 as shown by this accentric layout in blue paint

It’s that time of year, the Royals are making a post-season run and weekends are filled with football. Leaves are turning and falling, and Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice lattes back on the menu. It’s Fall, and winter is right around the corner. Most people don’t think about repainting their house during the winter, but if you’re looking at having the inside of your home updated, it’s also…

Winter Interior House Painting Special Offer

a new coat of beige paint is added as the second step of a winter home improvement plan

The Kansas City Winter is upon us, and the Holidays are in the rear view. Gifts may be unwrapped, but we have one more waiting for you. That’s right. We want to give you the gift of free paint!

If you paint 5 or more rooms in your house, the paint is on us. The work must be performed between December 1st and March 1st to partcipate in this offer. We want to put our money in your home so that…

2015 Color Trends In Johnson County Homes

johnson county homes painted red and white

This time of year, most people’s focus is on painting the exterior of their house. We’re busy getting people on our Spring schedule right now. However, if you’re looking at having the outside of your home repainted, it’s also a great time to breathe some life into the inside of your home. Here’s a look at some options that are gaining traction early on in t…

50 Shades Of Gray (Paint)

a home is painted with gray paint and white trim in a contemporary design

No, this isn’t an article about the trashy romance novel that’s been buzzed about for more than a year now. But the title is pretty catchy, huh? Gray is making a comeback. We’re seeing it as a selection in (and on) more homes in Johnson and Jackson County. The reasons why may surprise you.

Interior designers are using it as a natural partner for lighter colors that have exploded on t…

The High Cost Of Cheap Interior Paint

kansas city interior house painting shows blue staircases with white rails

We live in a dollar-centric world nowadays. Cost drives many of our decisions. What cars we drive, what food we eat, what clothes we buy…all tied to price tags and budgets. There’s an old saying though, which talks about being “penny wise and pound foolish”.  Often times you get what you pay for. Other times, what you DON’T pay for comes back and haunts you, costing you more in t…

Moving Next Spring? Get A Start With Winter Home Improvement Projects!

staging a home as part of a winter home improvement project

2015 is inching closer and closer. Once the harsh winter subsides, thoughts will turn to Spring and new beginnings.  For many Johnson and Jackson county homeowners, those new beginnings will come in the form of a new home.  But getting that nice new home comes with a hitch…and that’s selling the current…

A Christmas Present For Your Home

A house's front door is painted deep red to offset the gray border

‘Tis the season for gift giving. Children, co-workers, pets and everyone in between gets a piece of the action.

But what about your house? I mean, you entertain your family here, it keeps all your stuff in order and it serves as your primary protection from the scorching summers and wicked winters. Isn’t it time you considered a Christmas present for your home?

Neighborhood Painting has t…

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