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Kansas City’s Premier Painting Contractor

Neighborhood Painting has been providing the Kansas City Metro area with award-winning exterior and interior painting and remodeling services since 2002 handling both residential and commercial painting projects.

As a full service painting and remodeling contractor, we’ve won multiple Angie’s List awards for customer satisfaction, and we were recently named one of Kansas City’s top small businesses, as well as one of the top 10 painting contractors in the area.

Whether your painting project is a single-family home, commercial building, or multi-tenant housing complex, the experts at Neighborhood Painting can handle it quickly, professionally, and on budget.


Serving Kansas City and the Surrounding Area

Simply put, we are one of the best painting companies in Kansas City and our painting services have been recognized as industry leading in our area. We are a dependable, full-service, and family-owned, Kansas City painting contractor serving residential homeowners and commercial building owners in the entire KC metro area, including Kansas City, Olathe, Overland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee, and surrounding areas in both Kansas and Missouri. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality painting materials, individual customer service, and most importantly, beautiful results. 

The proof is in the results. Take a look at some of our residential and commercial projects and contact us when you’re ready for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Our Unique Painting Process

Neighborhood Painting is an innovative painting and remodeling company committed to achieving the highest standards in our industry.  We developed a unique, two-step painting process to ensure optimum results and we’ve been nationally recognized for this process.  Our process starts with our talented employees.  Everyone working on your project, whether it’s residential or commercial, is a payroll employee of Neighborhood Painting.  We do not use outside subcontractors for any of our services.  Why is this important?  There are many reasons, but a few include:  


• Quality:  By using only Neighborhood Painting employees, the crews working on your home or commercial building are people we trust. We recruited and trained each of our expert painting contractors to make sure they represent the values and commitment consistent with the NP brand. Using our employees allows us to complete each painting and remodeling project with much better consistency, quality and seamless operations than companies who use outside subcontractors.


• Transparent Process: We use 2 separate, highly trained teams to complete the work on your exterior painting or remodeling project. We found that by having experts who specialize in each type of work, the end result is at a higher level of craftsmanship. The concept is that the first team of contractors, which is our in-house carpentry/ prep team comes to your home and gets the house ready for painting. We can perform extensive renovation and wood rot repairs along with detailed and thorough surface preparation to ensure your home’s exterior is prepared for proper paint adhesion. After the 1st team completes the prep work we allow every customer to inspect the work. We have a designed downtime between prep and paint, this is our transparency to show you the quality of our work. Prep work is essential for a quality and lasting paint job. Next, our house painting professionals will arrive at your home to complete the painting work. Once the painting process is finished you will have a beautifully restored coat of paint that will last for many years to come. By seeing the prep and painting processes completed separately you will know that the work was done only at the highest quality level at each stage, and we guarantee our work with a 5-year warranty.


• Communication: As our customer, your experience matters to us. We believe that communication between you and our painting teams should be open and clear from the beginning of your painting or remodeling project all the way to the end. We believe the customer experience is far superior using consistent employees and processes. It is important to us that we keep you informed about the progress of your painting or remodeling project.


• Insurance liabilities: By using only our expert painting and remodeling contractors, covered under our insurance, we manage your liabilities. Many subcontractors purchase a policy and exclude themselves, so you could unknowingly put yourself in a liability situation when using a company who chooses subcontractors over the employee workforce required by Neighborhood Painting.

We can back up our claims, below are just a few awards and recognition we’ve received for our interior and exterior painting services.

Painting and Remodeling Services

Kansas City area homeowners, you can trust the NP team to provide your home with a beautiful, long-lasting exterior or interior paint job. Whether you require exterior or interior painting services for your Kansas City home, our expert team of painters will take care of the job quickly and efficiently leaving you with a gorgeous new paint job in no time. We commit to completing a painting project that’s no less than the best. We have the skills, experience and workmanship you expect from Kansas City professional painters.



When it comes to your business, looks do matter. You’ll want to consider how your company’s aesthetic might appear to potential customers. While your work speaks for itself, it is also important to present a sharp image. You can trust your business in Kansas City, Shawnee, KS, or Olathe will benefit from our professional painting company’s services. Not only do we provide commercial exterior painting services to ensure your building looks great on the outside, we also provide interior painting for commercial buildings so that customers and employees have a great view on the inside as well. We’ll provide your workplace with a paint scheme that will impress new and returning clients alike.



Neighborhood Painting offers extensive wood rot repair services. From custom wood fabrication for historic homes to modern composite siding and sealing techniques, our expert dry rot repair contractors have the knowledge and tools to restore your home to perfect condition. If your vintage Kansas City, MO, home’s window, trim or siding woodwork is in need of some TLC, give us a call. We’ll provide you with work that will make your classic home look brand new



Kansas City homeowners, you can trust our team here at Neighborhood Painting to go beyond just painting services in Kansas City, KS, and Kansas City, MO. It’s important to be vigilant about maintaining your home’s siding. Properly functioning siding can help protect your framing, insulation and drywall from the elements. Keep your Olathe home’s siding in great condition with our siding repair services. We have the skills, experience and workmanship you expect from one of the best remodeling contractors in Kansas City.



Homeowners in Kansas City and the surrounding area can trust our team here at Neighborhood Painting to provide you with superlative exterior painting and staining services. Our professional painting company in Kansas City and Olathe, KS, will help highlight the lovely wood grain finish of your deck and/or fence. As one of Kansas City’s best exterior painting and remodeling contractors, we have the skills, experience, and workmanship to leave you with a beautiful stain finish on your deck.



The right paint color palette can enhance the architectural details of a room. It can set a mood. You can make a space lighter, brighter or cozier. If you have a general idea for how you’d like your room to look but are unsure exactly what hues you’re looking for, your expert painting contractors in Kansas City can help. We are happy to work with you to determine which color scheme would work best in your abode. Your Olathe home can really pop with our professional painting company’s services.

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