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2015 Color Trends In Johnson County Homes

johnson county homes painted red and white

2015 Color Trends In Johnson County Homes

This time of year, most people’s focus is on painting the exterior of their house. We’re busy getting people on our Spring schedule right now. However, if you’re looking at having the outside of your home repainted, it’s also a great time to breathe some life into the inside of your home. Here’s a look at some options that are gaining traction early on in the year.

an overland park teen's room is painted hot pinkLet’s just start with the most vibrant option out there right now. Fuscia bright pink. Punch up a teen’s room with the intense vibe of hot pink or use it as an accent for lighter walls, just for fun. Designers use these in-your-face color versions of a favorite girly shade to contrast with both all sorts of light colors and even black accessories. Try Fuchsia Bright to achieve a similar look as the one pictured here. It’s not for the faint of heart, but does certainly does liven up an otherwise stale room. This image shows the application in a bathroom, but we’re not sure that’s the best application setting. It’s a great visual of the color though!

Mission Kansas house painted purple with whiteNot ready to walk in to something that feels like it’s hopped up on caffeine and loud music? Try a similarly over-stated approach with lavender. This is another great option for teens, tweens, children’s rooms and brunettes. This example uses white stripes on an accent wall to break up any sense of being overwhelmed by the color, but even block style approaches with this color are becoming very popular in the area. It’s a fun color, that’s for sure. I can already hear KU fans screaming about having purple in their homes. Fear not, this is a much lighter purple than what K-State uses and nobody will ever question your fandom…

Just another peach colored room in a johnson county homeAlready thinking of the summer vacation you’ll be taking? Warm coral evokes a tropical vibe, even when miles away from the beach. Peach is a similar color that brings a relaxed, but positive energy to a room. Often times this is matched up with a light blue or turquoise to make it pop. This is both a “strong” color and a calming tone at the same time. Avoid using this with black accents though, or it’ll end up feeling like Halloween in your home even in July.

sky blue paint for a Lenexa home under constructionNothing captures the feeling of being outside like sky blue. This image takes it to another level by actually painting the ceiling sky blue, but nothing works with the whites and besieges that have dominated Johnson county homes as seamlessly as this light color from the blue family. It’s also a fantastic option for bathrooms and nursery rooms. We’re seeing more and more pairings with lighter shades of green for very natural, spring-vibe pairings inside many homes.

a sea green wall in an Olathe home is put upSimilar to what we are seeing with the coral and peach colors mentioned previously, sea green or other lighter greens are making a big splash Mission Hills to Olathe and everywhere in between. Again, the driver is finding colors that work with beige tones. These are great pairings and give off a rich, earthy feeling for any room. It’s a fantastic consideration for a dining room, especially with the right table as a focal accent piece. There’s endless options for lightening or darkening this color and having it “fit” with existing browns of all types!

Regardless of if you’re looking for award-winning interior painting or needing to fix extensive wood rot and other exterior surface problems, give Neighorhood Painting a call for a free color consultation. Our focus is on you, the customer, and we’ll help in any way we can (and then back up our work with a 5 year guarantee).

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