2020 Exterior Painting Trends

2020 Exterior Painting Trends

2020 Exterior Painting Trends

If 2020 is your year to repaint your house, choosing between a modern aesthetic with bold colors and a more classic style may be challenging. Luckily, it’s easy to blend these influences by selecting a color combination that showcases your appreciation for the new and the old.

Bold Exterior House Colors for 2020

Modern homes and bold exteriors fit together perfectly. From dark paints that make a statement to the brightest ones we could find, these colors will make your house stand apart. Before you default to a classic color, imagine your home painted:

  • Black: Black exteriors are artistic and visually interesting.
  • Charcoal gray: Charcoal is less common than light gray, and it gives your house the same complexity as a black exterior.
  • Mustard yellow: With the right trim and architectural details, mustard yellow makes your home pop.
  • Mint: Light pastels like mint make your house appear larger.

The two drawbacks of using bold paint on your home’s exterior are longevity and resale value. Dark colors like black and charcoal gray are vulnerable to bleaching from the sun. Fading takes a few years, so routine repainting will keep your house looking fresh. If you plan to resell your home, some colors can make it harder to find buyers.

Classic Exterior Painting Trends in 2020

For better resale value, consider painting your house’s exterior a classic color. Most traditional shades are also lighter, which means fading is less noticeable. Some of the best classic colors for the exterior of your home are:

  • White: White is one of the most popular traditional colors, and you can change its appearance with colorful trim and landscaping.
  • Beige: Hide dirt and imperfections with beige.
  • Colonial blue: Regardless of your home’s architecture, colonial blue is a creative color for classic homes.
  • Burgundy: Red is one of the most daring colors you can paint your home, but burgundy is more traditional than maroon and other dark reds.

Having a historic or modern home doesn’t have to influence the paint colors you choose. Modern homes look charming with classic color schemes, just as bold paints can bring old houses back to life.

Popular Exterior Paint Color Combinations for Your Home

Use color combinations to get the most out of repainting your home. Pair a neutral base with bold or dark trim for a unique take on a classic aesthetic. If you want to go bold, your paint has the range to handle light or dark details. For example, a mustard yellow home with white trim is whimsical. A charcoal gray house with black design elements is reminiscent of a castle. Control your home’s style by selecting your favorite details.

No matter what style you prefer, a free professional color consultation from Neighborhood Painting will help you make your decision. Once you choose a color, we’ll give you a free estimate, too. Learn more about our residential painting services in the Kansas City Metro area by contacting us online or calling 913-709-6151.

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