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2020 Interior Painting Trends

2020 Interior Painting Trends

2020 Interior Painting Trends

The things we love change from year to year. Repainting is one way to incorporate trends into your home’s design. The most popular interior paint colors for 2020 have arrived, and they’re shaking up the color palettes of designers everywhere. From new neutrals and monochromatic rooms to classic styles and modern combinations, 2020 is bringing unmatched versatility and innovation.

Popular Neutral Paint Colors for 2020

Warm neutrals are taking over homes. Your favorite soft-contrast creams just got cozier. Spring and fall colors infuse this year’s popular neutral paints with warm pastels and earth tones. Organic colors are abundant in the natural world, and 2020 is the year to bring those shades inside. Many designers are expanding their palette to include more colors in the neutral category.

If your definition of a neutral has room for pops of color and a dark side, you’ll enjoy the most popular neutral paint colors of this year:

  • Warm cream
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Blush pink
  • Sage green

Bold Paint Colors for 2020

Bold colors are always fashion-forward. This year, the elegance of jewel tones takes center stage. Enjoy the depth and luxury of the most royal hues in your home this year. For the greatest effect, adopt the monochromatic trend. Using one color to decorate an entire room ties every accessory and piece of furniture into your aesthetic.

Some of the best bold paint colors for this year include:

  • Cobalt
  • Emerald
  • Aubergine
  • Citrine
  • Ruby

Classic Interior Painting Trends in 2020

While trends come and go, some colors are always in our hearts and our homes. Expect to see more navy and beige this year than ever before.

Navy blue was recently named Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year. Navy is a common trim color, inside and outside houses, but its new status as a neutral gives it the flexibility to do so much more. Pair these dark blues with lighter neutrals like white and gray for dependable comfort. From bedrooms to accent walls, navy blue is a staple in interior design.

Navy may be new to the neutral scene, but beige is a reliable constant in homes and businesses everywhere. With its extensive undertones, this color is complementary with nearly every shade. “Greige,” a blend of gray and beige, is gaining traction as a modern twist on a classic color. Many designers see beige making a comeback this year.

Popular Paint Color Combinations

If you’re interested in feature walls, gorgeous trim or furniture that pops against neutrals, the best color combinations of 2020 are perfect for you. These selections pair the hottest bold colors and most beautiful neutrals available. You’ll love 2020’s inventive color schemes:

  • Add magenta furniture with ocher and teal accessories to a monochromatic gray room.
  • Make black and white fixtures pop with avocado walls and yellow furniture.
  • Combine cool blues, greens and grays for a complex space.

If this selection makes choosing a color scheme seem impossible, get a free professional color consultation from Neighborhood Painting. We’ll give you a free quote on our interior painting services, too. Contact us online or give us a call at 913-709-6151 today for more information!

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