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3 Great Reasons To Use A Local Painting Company

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3 Great Reasons To Use A Local Painting Company

Shopping local is certainly not a new idea.  Every year, especially around the holidays, local retailers remind us that shopping local keeps more money in local communities, provides jobs, and boosts the local economy.  This concept actually applies to residential painting as well. We represent a true local business in our industry, and there are several national companies that happen to have a “local” branch as well. With the Holidays upon us, let’s look at the reasons to use a true local painting company.
1. We’re here to guarantee our work:  One of the biggest reasons to hire local is that true local businesses (like Neighborhood Painting, Inc) are around to guarantee all of the work for longer periods.  Branch locations from larger companies come and go, and even if they stay the people running them change frequently. They don’t care if there’s a few dissatisfied customers here and there.  They have huge advertising budgets and sales teams to overcome those problems. But the fact remains, small business work harder and follow through on guarantees. We’re living proof.
2. We’re familiar with the styles of homes in the area and their building practices: Let’s face it, there’s a number of really special neighborhoods here in the Kansas City area that require a detailed understanding of the architecture. If you live in Brookside, Mission Hills, or another similar area, you don’t want to trust your home to a contractor that has not clue about the history of your neighborhood. That will never be a problem with us. We also understand the nuances of the weather in the area, and can make sure the exterior painting solutions that we recommend are actually the right ones for you.
3. It’ supports the local economy: We mentioned it in the intro paragraph, but local painting companies such as ours have an exclusively local staff. Not temps that travel around a 3 state area depending on where the work is.  All of our employees live in Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa and the surrounding areas. They eat, shop and live in your neighborhoods.  Your patronage keeps these dollars circulating through the community. It’s a fact.
wood rot is replaced instead of choosing a cheap white vinyl sidingAside from those three reasons, there’s always our biggest selling point…no sub-contracting. National franchise companies usually sub their work out. They have ready made websites/promotional materials/advertising plans etc, but they lack real employees with job-site knowledge and craftsman level skills. They have a shiny appearance but your home isn’t  necessarily going to get the professional treatment that you’d hope.  National business is about the bottom line. We are a company that’s local owned, built from the ground up with local employees, and focused on great work in the local community…and we’re ready to talk to you today! Give us a call or fill our the simple form on the right to get started now.


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