3 Reasons Professionals Should Do Small Home Projects

a professional from KCNP fixes a deck with a screw and a hammer

3 Reasons Professionals Should Do Small Home Projects

One of the challenges of owning a home is the physical upkeep of it, especially any wooden surfaces or structures. Decks, sheds, exterior and interior walls and other surfaces need regular maintenance to keep from deteriorating to the point they have to be replaced. That’s a big ticket item when it does happen. If you’ve ever had to replace a deck, or replace portions of a rotted exterior wall, you know all too well what that cost is like.  But tackling these jobs isn’t always as easy as it seems for the DIY enthusiast.  Here’s three reasons you should let professionals handle small home projects like this.


Time: One of the things we constantly hear from our customers is that there just isn’t enough time to enjoy the weekend when there’s always projects to take care of around the house. What many people thought would be some simple wood rot replacement for their deck turns into a 6 to 8 hour ordeal, and the end result isn’t quite what they wanted. We’d always prefer to get this call before a homeowner has sunk time and money into a project rather than after. The truth is that professional craftsmen will churn out work much faster – and with great results – compared to the average person. That time could be used with family or friends, or on the next great project you’ve been thinking of. Time is money. Use yours wisely!


a handyman from kansas city neighborhood painting does wood rot repair on a small homePrecision: Nothing is more frustrating than walking into a room and seeing a paint color that isn’t quite what you expected, or seeing a line that isn’t quite even where the wall meets the ceiling. Imperfections, once seen, can’t be un-seen. One aspect of hiring professionals that is often under-appreciated is the precision and quality of the work. Exact color matches, precise lines, and most importantly no disasters (spilled paint, scuffs on doors and walls or worse) can’t be marginalized. When you hire professionals, you get professional work. And if it’s something that you see every day, it matters.


Peace Of Mind: A good reputation goes a long way. It tells you that the people you have do the work have done it right before and that it holds up over time. If you’re work doesn’t hold up a few years down the road…you’ll be doing it again. We’re confident in our work and the strong positive reviews on the web are a testament to that. We’re confident in it because we rarely have to redo our work. On the off-chance we do, we have no problem doing so in the name of customer satisfaction and keeping a lifetime referral intact. It’s a big reason we only employ true craftsmen and tradesmen.


If you have a smaller house painting project, deck work or wood rot to handle, please give us a call or drop us a line. We’d rather you save the time and get the result you want, with the quality you expect (the first time).

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