3 Reasons Spring Is The Best Time To Paint Your House

spring flowers bloom outside a freshly painted house

3 Reasons Spring Is The Best Time To Paint Your House

It was a fairly easy Kansas City winter, and Spring has certainly sprung. With the change in weather we’re into our busy season. Which leads to the point of this article. Why is Spring so busy after all? Why is Spring the best time to paint your home? Here’s three solid reasons why…

Home Sales: Spring is THE busy season for selling or renting a home. Kids are out of school soon and people want the decision made before summer so that they can settle in. More homes hit the market in April and May than in the other any other FOUR months combined nationwide, and the same holds true for the Kansas City metro. Getting a fresh coat of paint on is easy curbside appeal for potential sellers.

house painting in the spring and pink flowersHolidays & Events: More people entertain outdoors when the weather is nice. That’s no surprise. So having everything “guest ready” before high school or college graduations, Labor Day, Independence Day or even just family bar-b-q’s becomes a priority. Not to mention the added bonus of enjoying the new exterior look for longer if it’s done in May versus June or July.

Mild Temperatures: For a good six weeks, the temperature will mostly hover between 55 and 75 degrees. This is really an ideal range for painting exterior surfaces. At this temperature, most paint forms a durable and protective finish. Too cold or too hot and finish can be compromised. We say can because semi-professionals may rush their work in the heat, or fail to prep appropriately to handle colder temperatures. If you’re working with a craftsman-level company such us Neighborhood Painting, Inc it’s not really a concern – we paint nearly year round. We have the expertise and equipment needed to give you a stellar exterior painting experience even in the scorching KC metro heat and crisp fall wind. So, while spring has its advantages, any time is the “best” time to paint your home if you’re working with us!

Despite the throws of the busy season, we are still offering free color consultations and getting onsite for estimates very quickly. If you’re ready to move forward with a free exterior house painting estimate, please fill out the simple form on the right or call us today at 913-709-6151.


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