4 Reasons To Paint Your Home Interior This Winter

4 Reasons To Paint Your Home Interior This Winter

With the winter months approaching, we’ve laid out a plan to help you get the interior you’ve always wanted without spending an arm and a leg. There’s actually quite a few reasons that you should consider painting your home interior this winter. I know that most people associate painting as a task for the warm weather. That’s true for exterior painting – although we paint well into the Fall – but winter is a great season for interior paint work, and here’s 4 reasons why.

  1. There’s Great Deals Available

If you haven’t read about our winter paint special, you really should. The savings on paint alone is tremendous. Yes, winter is traditionally a slow time for painting contractors. As a result, if you’re looking for a deal, you’ll get one during the winter. Often times we’re overbooked during the summer when everyone’s trying to get their exterior painting work done. When demand is high prices rise, when demand is low prices drop. The simple economics of demand are in your favor here!

  1. You Can Save Your Summer Budget for VacationCoutry Brown

Assuming that your homes exterior is in good shape, doing the work this winter will free up cash this summer for other things – like a long overdue summer vacation. Again, with great winter specials like this one, it’s an incredible way to make your money go further and keep it in your pocket for something fun!

  1. It Can Help You Fight The Winter “blah’s”

It’s a proven fact that many people suffer during the gray season of winter, the lack of sun cold weather can cause a range of problems from low energy all the way to full blown seasonal depression. A great way to stave off the winter blahs is with a new, bright interior for your home. Coming home from a long work day to a new, vibrant interior adds more than just some Christmas Cheer…it can literally lift your mood, energy and spirits during the cold Kansas City frost.

  1. It Makes A Great Christmas GiftWarm Coral

If you’re looking for a unique gift, especially something along the lines of “to us from us”, this is ideal. Many gifts are opened and smiled at, then set in a cabinet or drawer never to be used or appreciated. The gift of a new interior – especially in tandem with new furniture – is something you’ll enjoy well into the New Year. Buying your loving wife a blender for the kitchen might result in you sleeping on the couch this Christmas, but buying her a blend of soft and warm hues for the kitchen (and dining and living room) will have you ranking right up there with St. Nick himself.

This winter don’t just stare at the walls – give them new life with a fresh paint job. Your family will thank you!

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