5 Frequntly Asked Interior Painting Questions

5 Frequntly Asked Interior Painting Questions

We’ve painted hundreds and hundreds of interiors all across the KC metro. The point of saying this up front isn’t to brag, it’s simply providing context for the following FAQ’s. Trust me when I say many of these questions have been asked a hundred times before! If you’re considering re-painting your home’s interior, this may answer a few of your interior painting questions up front…

1. Do I have to worry about lead paint?

Lead paint hasn’t been used in homes since 1978, when it was deemed against the law. Even if you’ve repainted a time or two, but your home was constructed before that date, there could be steps we have to take. We’re required to be certified to perform activities that disturb lead paint in older homes. We are trained in the latest best practices to deal with lead paint if there is an issue. We’re committed to your health, our employee’s health and the environment’s health, so the short answer is “no”, you don’t have to worry about it. We’ve got it covered.

2. Do you offer advice on what colors might be best?

Indeed. Our customers get a complimentary color consultation. We take many factors into consideration. Lighting, architecture and room décor are a few of those. Natural versus artificial light, overall size and complexity of the rooms and the age/style of furniture all play a role. As does your goals for the job. After all, your choice of colors can have a real psychological impact on your family and guests.

Coutry Brown3. What are the different finish types, and how do I pick the right one?

Paint finishes fall into one of Five main categories: Flat Finish, Eggshell, Satin Finish, Semi Gloss and Gloss Finish.

Flat finishes do a great job of absorbing light. They also hide imperfections, although our professional prep crew takes care of that aspect as part of every job. DIY’ers sometimes choose this to hide “lap marks”…but those aren’t things you have to worry about when you hire professionals. The down-side of flat paints is that they aren’t very stain resistant. Areas that need cleaned and scrubbed a lot, like bathroom walls, may not be a great place for this finish. It is easy to wipe clean, however.

Satin finishes are often times used with woodwork, especially for doors or hallways. It can certainly give you a richer look but may not reflect as much light as a gloss, Similar to flat finish, it is easy to wipe but is not something you want to scrub frequently.

Glossy finishes can almost be reflective, and many people prefer not to have this in bedrooms, dining rooms, etc. However, this finish resists stains and dirt better, so the surface will stay clean for longer. They are also more resistant to humidity, making them a natural choice for bathrooms or pool rooms. Unfortunately, this finish does show imperfections. If you choose to do it yourself…keep that in mind.

4. How to make my new paint last as long as possible?

We all know how quickly nice things can get old. Your paint is no different, especially around light switches, handles and door knobs. Take time to wipe away any spots that accumulate before they get trapped in the paint. Taking extra precaution in the kitchen is a must. Cooking oil, once airborne, can land on the nearby walls and can lead to dead spots in your paint.

It’s worth pointing out though, the real keys to long lasting paint are A) great prep work and B) professional application. We focus intensely on these two areas, and those are two big reasons why we are the highest rated painting contractor in the metro.

5. Will my final bill be different than the estimate I get?

Not with us. We recently wrote this post about understanding low-ball bids. It’s common in our industry to come in low and then make changes once work is underway – like switching to inferior paints, only applying one coat, or skimping on/skipping prep work. Upfront pricing is one of the reasons that 9 out of 10 of our customers refer us to their friends and family.

If you’re ready to breathe new life into your home’s interior after reading our frequently asked interior painting questions, please call us or use the short form to the right of this post to contact us today!

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