5 Signs That You Need to Repaint Your Home

5 Signs That You Need to Repaint Your Home

5 Signs That You Need to Repaint Your Home

Repainting your home has aesthetic, financial and structural benefits. When it’s in good condition, your paint has a positive effect on curb appeal, resell value and damage prevention. Every home and paint formula is different, so knowing when to paint a house depends on a variety of factors. Plus, your exterior’s materials, the local climate and previous paint can impact its longevity.

Should I Repaint My House?

While there’s no firm rule about how often you should repaint your house, the physical signs of aging paint give you ample warning. Here are five signs that it’s time to repaint your home.

1. Cracking, Peeling and Bubbling

Extreme weather changes and moisture can cause paint to crack. You run an increased risk of cracking when you apply fresh paint over uneven or damaged surfaces. As the cracks in your paint grow, you might notice it starting to peel away. This is a sign of poor-quality paint. Like cracking, bubbling is a precursor to peeling. When your home’s exterior is exposed, it becomes more susceptible to damage. You may notice your home’s declining appearance and the exterior taking more damage during bad weather.

2. Fading and Morphing

Exposure to the elements, especially sun and rain, causes your home’s original color to fade. Fading is more common with dark or bold paint colors. Morphing is when weather conditions change your home’s color. A common example of this transition is how many beige homes turn pink over several years in the sun.

3. Chalking

Weather and improper preparation can cause your home’s paint to chalk. Chalking happens when paint is too thin, poor-quality or applied to a porous surface without primer or sealant. Test whether the paint is chalking by running your hand over it. If the paint feels unusually hard, or if a residue appears on your hand, it’s time to repaint.

4. Rotten Wood

The natural materials of your home decay rapidly when they’re no longer protected. For the wood that makes up your home’s exterior, paint acts as a barrier against harmful elements like water. Left unsealed, the wood will rot. You’ll have to repair any damaged or rotten wood before repainting to avoid future complications.

5. New House or Changing Style

If you’ve bought a new house, you might think you won’t need to repaint for several years. However, newly constructed homes get one layer of paint to act as a sealant. You’ll need to repaint within five years to seal out water, mold and other damage.

Paint’s function as a decorative element is also important. Whether you painted your house a trendy color that’s no longer in style or you dislike the previous owner’s taste, repainting for aesthetic appeal is a valid choice.

Contact Neighborhood Painting for Residential Painting

Regardless of your reasons for repainting your house, do it well with help from the professionals. If you’re located in the Kansas City Metro area, reach out to Neighborhood Painting for a free quote and color consultation. Contact us online or call 913-709-6151 today.

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