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5 Warning Signs of an Interior Painting Disaster

an interior painting disaster is waiting to happen with too much paint on ladder

5 Warning Signs of an Interior Painting Disaster

One of the biggest considerations people often make with their homes interior is whether or not they are going to do it themselves. Often it comes down to the value of their time. Doing a big interior job – and doing it right – takes a great deal of time (and skill).

But all that aside, let’s say you’ve decided to repaint the inside of your Kansas City house. And you’re going to hire a qualified local painting contractor. You negotiate your price, settle on colors and you’re ready to get started.

The last thing you want is an interior painting disaster. Waiting weeks for a job to finish only to be underwhelmed at the finished product. Or to see it slowly unfold into something that isn’t what you expect from a professional paint job. Craftsman level painting takes time and experience. Those that lack the background and skill often leave hints at the outset of a job or in the middle of it. It’s a warning sign of interior paint problems to come. Here are 5 to look for and address before it’s too late to save your job or get your money back…interior painting disaster avoided with blue paint and good tape

  1. Prep work is skipped: Prep work isn’t just for exterior home paint projects. It matters on the inside too. If you don’t see extensive planning, prep work, surface repair and strategy put into place in your home, you may want to ask some questions. This is a big warning sign.
  2. Paint is applied to dirty or wet surfaces: After prep work is done, there’s still clean up to do. Dusty, dirty, or wet surfaces are terrible to paint on. The new paint can dry with blotches, run, or lack consistency across the project. If your painting contractor is in “rush mode” as soon as they get set up, you may be in line for a disaster.
  3. No color consultation: If your contractor shows up and says “what color ya want?” that can be a telltale sign. True professionals can offer you valuable insight in a consultative fashion. They partner with you to make the best possible decision. If yours can’t or won’t answer questions professionally, rethink your choice.
  4. They skip the primer: No primer equals big problems. Primer ensures the rich color you’ve selected comes through. It also ensures a smooth application and finish. People that skip the primer are just cutting corner to maximize their profits. Your job won’t last as long. Maybe not a disaster, but certainly a red flag.
  5. No second coats are used: “It looked pretty good after the first coat” is a sure sign that your painting contractor is trying to save a few bucks, or get out early. Either way, it’s unacceptable.

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