Easy Fix / Save You Thousands On Repairs

Easy Fix / Save You Thousands On Repairs

One of the most common wood repairs in Kansas City is the bottom portion of the siding rotting from the bottom up. The reason this occurs is the bottom edge of the siding that faces the ground is almost always left unpainted. Wood siding is an organic product, nature wants to take over from the moment the trees were cut down, and paint’s main purpose is to prevent that decay.

The unpainted portion of the siding will allow moisture in- which in turn speeds wood rot. Water will find a way in either thru osmosis- or run off. 

Check your home for gaps in trim and siding. Inspect the bottom edge of the siding on your home, if it isn’t painted- paint it- or call us and we’ll paint it for you. Being proactive on home maintenance is the key. If you’re planning on repainting your home, don’t just paint over crummy, aged or rotted wood.  Give your home what it deserves – a thorough wood rot and dry rot inspection!

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