August Newsletter

August Newsletter

This month, we have the honor of spotlighting our Project Manager, Justin Conner. Justin joined Neighborhood Painting in 2009 after living in Colorado and having experience in new construction. He has been with us for six years now and has made a big impact in our success. He started out working with the Owner, Ryan. That progressed to the point where he was in charge of some of the work while Ryan left the job to provide estimates to customers for future jobs. Shortly after, Justin began running his own paint crew and started training younger painters. This season, Justin was promoted to Project Manager, and oversees the operation of two paint crews and drives a company truck that Neighborhood Painting has provided. The experience Justin brings to the company has been a large asset to the business, helping Neighborhood Painting became the recipient of the 25 Under 25 Business Award. Without an employee like Justin, this growth would be very difficult.

Justin has a wonderful girlfriend, Lindsey, and they have a son named Logan who is 6 years old. When Justin is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, working on cars, and going to the shooting range.
Product Review

restore itRESTORE IT! ® instead of replacing it! If you thought about replacing your deck because it looks like it is on it’s “last leg”, you should first look at this product that will resurface it and give it more life. RESTORE IT! ® is a resurfacer for worn or weathered wood. With correct application, this 100% acrylic coating fills wood cracks up to 1/4″, locks down splinters, and provides waterproofing protection. Here’s a DIY Tip: Be sure to brush in between the boards and the ends of the boards before applying the first roller coat.  Apply the first coat with the roller and it is best to use a 1/2″ nap. Roll with and against the grain on the first application, this will push all the paint into the cracks. You will wait six hours to recoat, and repeat the first application process remembering to roll both directions.

Things to know about RESTORE IT! ®

  • It can be applied to a deck with a previously coated surface, remember to scrape and remove all pealing paint or stain, and remove all loose splinters.
  • Dog claws will not damage surface
  • Do not use this product on a surface that has vehicular traffic
  • Do not use salt or metal shovels, only use plastic shovelstrailer


What is New at Neighborhood Painting

This month we have logo’d and wrapped our new trailer. It now has the same look as our trucks in the field.

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