Back To School Means Back To Projects

a home is repainted during back to school season with gorgeous purples

Back To School Means Back To Projects

With back to school season nearly here, it signals a return to sanity for many parents and homeowners around Kansas City. Summer vacations and sports are nearly over. Free time will be on the rise.

But it’s also a time for projects. Home improvements that were put on hold for the summer come back to the forefront. The “to-do’s” didn’t go away, they just took a summer break along with your family.

One project that often gets put off is repainting your home’s exterior. It’s a daunting task that even the most die-hard DIY’ers don’t normally tackle, and with good reason. It’s time consuming, laborious, and if rushed the end result is a waste of a full weekend (or more).

What’s at stake is more than just a check mark besides a to do list. It’s the long term well being of your home, the outward appearance of your most valuable property, and the peace of mind that the paint on your house will stand the test of time. Hiring true professional house painters is one of the smartest decisions you can make when it comes to knocking out to-do’s for your property.

If you have procrastinated, you aren’t alone. We always see a “Fall rush” of people who want to get their home taken care of before the harsh winter sets in. The prep work that we do prior to painting can ease the stress of older, drafty windows. It also helps with heat retention in winter, lowering utility costs. Plus, the (moderately) cooler Fall weather is ideal for precision painting. There’s no concerns with temperatures causing uneven application or bubbling.

Parade-of-Homes-front-exterior1 (1)As I wrote about at length in this post, there are many things to consider when hiring the right company to take on this important task. Are there color consultations available? Is the business highly (and positively) reviewed by others? Do they use full-time employees and not sub-contractors? With Neighborhood Painting, the answer to all of these – and other important questions – is a resounding “yes”.

Nine out of ten of our previous customers refer us to their friends and family. We offer one of the best warranties in the entire KC metro. We run two separate crews, one specifically for prep work and wood rot repair, and another for exterior painting and finishing. Our unique approach to providing real craftsman skill to the trade of house painting results in satisfied customers by way of a superior product that others just can’t match.

If you want to hear more about how we can turn your home’s exterior into something special, please contact us today. Use the simple form to the right and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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