Best Paint Colors for Living Rooms

Best Paint Colors for Living Rooms

Best Paint Colors for Living Rooms

When it’s time for a fresh look, the paint sample display at the store makes the options seem endless. To cut through the noise, start with living room paint ideas from the best shades available. The most popular paint colors for living rooms include neutral tones, pastel shades, bold colors and dark hues. Whether you’re going for a timeless style or a trendy aesthetic, your inspiration could be just one more paint sample away!

Stay On-Trend With Neutrals

Neutrals are great options for shared spaces. As your living room evolves, your neutral walls will cater to new furniture, changing accents and different color palettes. Four of the most common neutrals are:

  • White: Whites have a larger range than you think. Choose from glossy or matte finishes and warm or cool undertones.
  • Cream: Cream tones offer your space a softer contrast. Enjoy the comfort of off-white walls.
  • Beige: Beige is one of the most popular neutral tones for a reason. Pick from a variety of undertones to find the right shade.
  • Gray: Grays come in cool, warm, light and dark varieties. Consider the best hues for maximum comfort or minimalism.

Experiment With Versatile Pastels

If you’re looking for a little more color, consider pastels. These paints have the range to add a touch of color to neutral shades or incorporate your favorite colors into your existing decor. Some of the most popular pastel paint colors for your living room include:

  • Sage: Natural greens won’t stray too far from a neutral palette.
  • Mint: Playful greens add a light color to your living room.
  • Clay: Muted orange tones warm up your home’s shared space.
  • Lilac: Soft purples channel spring in every season.

Light Up Your Living Room With Brights

Bold walls make your living room an energetic, exciting place. Putting your favorite colors in shared spaces gives them vibrancy and brings them to life. Sure, you could use them as accent colors, but where’s the fun in that? Consider how you can use bright shades of these colors in your living room:

  • Pink: Choose from salmon, coral, raspberry and other shades.
  • Blue: Invigorate your living room with oceanic blues.
  • Green: Bring nature indoors with renewing greens.
  • Yellow: Brighten up your family’s space with permanent sunshine.

Embrace Dark Hues

If you love bold shades, but bright colors aren’t for you, darker tones add elegance and allure to your living room. These hues are also less reflective than lighter shades, so they draw less attention to cosmetic imperfections on your walls. Some of the most versatile dark paints are:

  • Black: Black paint turns your living room into a statement piece.
  • Blue-black: Dark blues complement lighter shades in your decorative scheme.
  • Deep brown: Deep browns combine drama and comfort.
  • Army green: Army green is a unique way to add classic colors to dark walls and offset other colors in the room.

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Choosing a paint color is the first step to refresh your home’s shared spaces. If you could use some help painting your living room in the Kansas City Metro area, consider Neighborhood Painting. Contact us online or call us at 913-709-6151 for more information and request a free color consultation.

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