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Shopping local is certainly not a new idea.  Every year, especially around the holidays, local retailers remind us that shopping local keeps more money in local communities, provides jobs, and boosts the local economy.  This concept actually applies to residential painting as well. We represent a true local business in our industry, and there are several national companies that happen to have a "local" branch as well. With the Holidays upon us, let's look at the reasons to use a true local painting company.

We've been busy as the weather starts to change. Kansas City metro area businesses are re-assessing the exterior look and feel of their buildings. Changing the paint scheme on your business' facade can be a fast, effective and affordable way to update your professional image. Your building's appearance is a reflection of your company, and a great paint job will ensure that it is a positive one.

Mission Hills was founded on June 30th 1914 - largely to the efforts on Real Estate Developer JC Nichols.Originally 121 acres were on the Kansas Side and 7 acres on the Missouri side where the club house resided- largely due to the State Liquor Laws at the time. What makes Mission Hills unique, is that you have the architectural designs that continue to maintain historical integrity (houses that mostly fit in 7 styles- several which are referenced later in the article), but mainly it’s the use of green spaces, park lets, lot configurations, and house mass patterns that really represent the unique look and feel of Mission Hills.