The Difference in Paint Sheen Options

Kansas City Commercial Painting

Most people generally focus on color when thinking of their next painting project. But once your color is finally selected sheen can be a critical component as well. The sheen of paint is the basic measure by which light reflects off of the surface once it’s dry. The sheen of the paint can also determine if your paint looks how dull or how bright your paint looks in the light. The sheen of your…

When Painting…… Spray or Roll?

A local painting company pulls it's trailer behind a truck

As a Professional Painter in Kansas City, I get asked a lot which is better to spray a finish or roll it out by hand? Majority of Exterior Painting is best when a sprayer is used. The use of a paint delivery system will ensure your coating is even and uniform. Spray pumps will atomize the coating and evenly spread that over the surface you are painting. Painting by hand by means of dipping a…

Commercial Painting Contractors Kansas City

Commercial Painting Kansas city

Your business needs to portray a professional image to attract the clientele that you are actively trying to seek. Your building’s Image can say a lot about your company to potential customers, and employees alike. Make sure you are reflecting the kind of image you want to instill!

Whether you are investigating in painting your commercial interior or painting your commercia…

Pro Painting Tips

Kansas City Commercial Painting

Tint the Primer with your Topcoat

Whether you’re painting interior or exterior- priming will help ensure you get professional results. Priming will limit the number of topcoats, ensure adhesion, and leave a professional finish. This applies to all repainted surfaces/ substrates as well as raw wood and new drywall.  Primer serves three main functions: First, it blocks stains and resinous knots…

Get The Most Life Out Of Your Paint Job

The exterior spring season is upon us. A lot of homeowners in the spring months are using their tax returns to update or maintenance their homes. Make sure you get the most for your money. Hiring a great Kansas City painting contractor is always the first step. It usually costs a homeowner more than twice as much to redo faulty work from subpar contractors.

There are other things besides…

Tips For Picking Paint Colors

Kansas City Commercial Painting

<H2>Ideas for picking paint colors</H2>Take a color out of something else that is going to be in the room (Favorite Picture, Window Treatment, Furniture etc). Purchase a few of these colors in small quarts (while no one wants to buy paint they won’t use, this can keep you from buying gallons of the wrong color). Use the small quarts to paint on to a piece of paper, or small piece of…

Exposing the Truth

Kansas City Painters

There are a lot of house painting companies in the Kansas City Area who sub contract out their work.
How it works: You contact a company- and an appointment is made for either an owner or salesperson to come out to your home. You like what they say and they have a reasonable price – but what they may not have told you is they award your contract to a group of independent contractors who hav…

Easy Fix / Save You Thousands On Repairs

One of the most common wood repairs in Kansas City is the bottom portion of the siding rotting from the bottom up. The reason this occurs is the bottom edge of the siding that faces the ground is almost always left unpainted. Wood siding is an organic product, nature wants to take over from the moment the trees were cut down, and paint’s main purpose is to prevent that decay.

The unpainted…

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