Painting Trends for Brick Homes

Painting Trends for Brick Houses

Painting Trends for Brick Homes

One of the most satisfying home improvement projects can be adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home. This project isn’t only for homeowners with wood or vinyl siding, as painting trends for brick homes have been on the rise across the country.

Painting brick homes can help hide old, weathered bricks and provide a protecting seal from the elements. Exterior paint colors can also modernize your home to provide a cleaner look overall. The best color to paint a brick house depends on your style, so we’ll share some trending brick house color ideas with accents to help you envision your dream home.

Preserving the charm of your brick home during painting is best left to professionals, as painting brick has its challenges because of its porosity.

1. Creamy White

White has remained a timeless classic of exterior paint colors for centuries. Today, many homeowners opt for a warm-toned white to dial back the starkness of absolute white. Creamy white also tones down the texture of your brick walls, making them appear seamless.

A creamy, off-white exterior can highlight the beauty of wood accents. One of the benefits of this combination is that any color wood stain will always coordinate with creamy white walls.

Off-white brick walls also pair well with black accents. This change of pace can put a contemporary twist on your home, as wood accents offer a more rustic look.

2. Pewter

Not everyone can envision the color pewter, but our expertise predicts this will change with 2022. Pewter is perfect for homeowners who prefer more richness than neutrality in their home’s exterior paint color.

Specifically, PPG’s Pewter Grey has a soft balance between gray and beige with undertones of mahogany. The warmer tones lean this color towards an earthy, natural feeling. It also preserves some of that brick texture to maintain the charm of a brick home. Wood accents can pair well with pewter to capitalize on the earthy tones.

To tone down the warmth in pewter, choose dark gray and white as attractive accents to maintain sleekness and modernity in your brick house’s exterior.

3. Dark Gray

Dark gray has been a growing trend in exterior home colors. Dark gray is the best color to paint a brick house when black is too dark for you. This color can smooth out some of the brick texture while preserving your home’s character.

You can choose from many shades of dark gray that can lean warmer, neutral or cooler depending on your desired look. Any gray looks great next to a white accent, and one of the best parts about dark gray is it will pair well with your favorite color on the door or in patio furniture to really make your home pop.

4. Bronze

Take the metallic sheen out of bronze and you have a beautiful range of flat colors. Our experts can see bronze trending for home exteriors in 2022. We love PPG’s Bronzed Ivy for its sage brown with avocado undertones. Bronze is a unique color that helps keep the texture and charm of your brick home.

Bronze is the best color to paint your brick house if you love bronze metal accents, like porch lights or patio furniture. It especially pairs well with bronze metal roofing.

Best Paint Colors for Brick Houses

5. Beige

Why should we stray away from classics? A beautiful beige is timeless and can add a cleaner, brighter look to your brick home while still feeling natural.

Shades range from warm yellow tones to greige with cooler undertones. We love PPG’s Moth Gray because it provides warmth but keeps close to more neutral gray undertones. Beige can help soften brick texture to help your home appear cleaner and smoother.

While considering beige in your brick house paint colors, it’s worth noting that beige is a universal color that pairs with any accent color. A crisp white accent can help exterior trim stand out, or a navy accent can help tone things down while keeping a certain uniqueness to your home.

6. Light Gray

We can’t discuss brick house paint colors without bringing up light gray. This is a timeless color for homeowners who desire neutrality without being too light or too dark. It can smooth out some of your brick’s texture to create a more seamless look.

Just like dark gray, shades of light gray can be warm, neutral or cool. Gray can pair well with white accents or black accents, depending on your desired look. It can also pair well with your favorite color, so you can switch up your decor, front door and trim color.

7. Sage Green and Pale Blue

Sage green and pale blue are on the rise in trending paint colors. Both emit a tranquil, natural color that will create a stunning painted brick home. These houses will surely stand out from the rest without being too different from traditional standards. On a brick house, these colors can preserve the traditional charm of brick by showing some texture.

Our top picks here are Sage Pond by PPG and Bonnie Blue Eyes by PPG. They both pair well with natural wood accents or brown accents to push the nature-inspired feel on earth green and pale blue homes. White accents look great on these homes too.

8. Slate Blue

Slate blue is a peaceful, unique neutral that can help homeowners show personality without straying too far away from traditional norms. This color especially stands out when painted on a brick house as it allows some of that natural brick texture to come through to preserve your home’s charm.

Wood accents pair beautifully with slate blue, as well as a classic white to help trim pop. We love PPG’s Mountain Slate Blue for its delicate balance of gray and blue.

Slate blue has many varieties, and some can enter the purple realm, so we recommend guidance from a paint professional. Performing swatch tests with multiple colors is extra important to get this exterior paint right. Observe how your swatches look throughout different times of day and under different cloud coverages for the best results.

9. Navy Blue

A step away from traditional and historical colonial blue, navy blue has been trending for its attractive richness of color. Our favorite here is Shimmering Sea by PPG, which uses undertones of navy blue to create a subdued, stormy blue. Navy blue’s traditional taste can preserve the character of your brick house by preserving the look of your bricks.

We especially love bright wood here. Orangey wood accents look better with blue because they are complementary colors. A white accent can also tone down that natural feel to provide a classic, attractive look.

Navy blue is another tricky color that comes in many shades, some tending to lean into purple more. It requires multiple swatch tests and extra attention to appearances during different times of day and cloud coverage.

10. Black

For homeowners who desire a more modern look for their brick house, black as the exterior’s main color has been growing in popularity. Everyone knows of black accents, but nothing will turn heads like a black brick house. The black will smooth out the texture of your bricks but won’t hide the existing charm underneath.

A color we love is PPG’s Black Magic, which provides a warm undertone perfect for wood accents. Using wood throughout your home’s exterior pairs well here by adding texture and a natural feel to your home. White accents can also be a stark contrast that can balance out some of the darkness.

Choose Neighborhood Painting for Your Home

The possibilities for exterior colors are endless, but our expertise identifies these painting trends for brick homes. Painting your brick home is possible, and for excellent results, it’s best to call in painting professionals.


If you’re looking to refresh your home’s curb appeal, check out our exterior painting service to boost your home’s exterior potential. We’ll provide you with a free consultation to discuss your vision, dreams and needs, then give you a free estimate to provide you with the sharp look your residence deserves. Reach out to us today!

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