The Case For Painting Your Home’s Walls White

a modern kitchen is painted totally white including the bench and walls

The Case For Painting Your Home’s Walls White

We are seeing a number of homeowners that are interested in painting their home’s interior white – or cream, dove, etc. There’s a good case to be made for painting your walls white. Here’s a few compelling reasons you might take this path:

Let Your Furniture and Decor Own The Spotlight: We’ve all seen “perfect” interiors being shared online via every possible social media outlet. They are chalk full of perfectly painted walls and exquisite decor. Although many of us don’t live like that, many of us DO have some really nice furniture or decor pieces that are worth showcasing. This is also a way to let one or two items in a sparsely decorated room stand out. The amazing thing about white paint is that can work for both under-filled and over-filled rooms just the same.

Avoid Idea Overload Or A Bad Decision: As design becomes a more everyday and pervasive idea, we all have greater control over our living spaces, and we have a vast cache of ideas available to us. Just wander over to Pinterest and you’ll see for yourself. With all those ideas, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in options and the simplest thing feels the safest and most realistic. In this regard, white walls with an emphasis on furniture and art that can easily be moved and changed without a lot of work makes great sense. Also, nothing is worse than paying for a grand interior paint job and then a few months later feeling like that color selection isn’t exactly what you want. This provides you with an open palette approach.

a room is all white, walls, furniture and decorPush Back Against Patterns Of The Past: In the early 2000s, patterns were everywhere. This includes the interiors of many homes. Painted patterns in kids rooms, living rooms and even kitchens. Nothing removes you from the patterns of years gone by like a stark, professional white finish. You can still create accent walls, or stray off this path with a specific room, but white lets you move past old-thinking and pattern madness.

Prepare For A Pending Sale: If you know it’s time to repaint, but you also know that you may sell your home when Spring comes, you can’t go wrong with white walls. It may not be the color of choice for many new homeowners, but it certainly won’t turn them off either. Whites (or creams) avoid negative reactions to brighter or stronger colors. It can give you a “new” look and still keep things in good shape for a pending future sale, serving as a clean slate for a future homeowner.

If you’re considering repainting your home’s interior, give us a call. We’d love to give you a free estimate, and should you decide to move forward, a free color consultation. Just use the short form on the right hand side to get started…

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