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Painting Your Brick Or Stucco Home

a brick home painted white

Brick and stucco homes are fantastic. They hold up to the test of time. But just like with any other exterior, weather and the elements can take their toll on them. A fresh coat of paint can give your brick or stucco home a much-needed makeover, even if it hasn’t been touched in decades.

Painted brick will require repainting every 10-15 years to maintain its appearance. In most cases, pr…

Why Painting Company Reviews Matter

Reviews get a bad rap sometimes. There’s so many sites out there that offer them, and there’s so many people in our industry that “fake” their reviews. It can be frustrating as a consumer, we hear that quite a bit.

Below are some of the most trusted review sites when you’re choosing a painting contractor. These sites are trusted for a few reasons. First, they offer real insights from…

Choosing Paint Colors For Multi-Family Properties

If you own a multi-family property in the greater Kansas City area, chances are you’ve had to consider when or if to repaint your asset. Often times, this decision is based on price…but for sharp property owners, there’s a growing understanding that an outstanding exterior paint job can improve occupancy and even resale value – especially for new construction. It’s a matter of being penny…

A Guide to Planning Your Next Painting Project

When summer comes, so does our desire to take on projects we’ve been putting off. When the heat and humidity drive us inside to air-conditioned relief, plenty of home-improvement projects stare us in the face. Fortunately, long summer days are the perfect opportunity to cross things off our to-do lists.

If your list includes an interior or exterior painting project, it may seem so…

Back To School Means Back To Projects

a home is repainted during back to school season with gorgeous purples

With back to school season nearly here, it signals a return to sanity for many parents and homeowners around Kansas City. Summer vacations and sports are nearly over. Free time will be on the rise.

But it’s also a time for projects. Home improvements that were put on hold for the summer come back to the forefront. The “to-do’s” didn’t go away, they just took a summer break along wit…

The Ultimate Guide To Exterior Painting In Kansas City

a home is painted with gray paint and white trim in a contemporary design

So, you’ve decided that your home’s exterior has had enough. You know that you don’t want to tackle painting it yourself – for the sake of time and quality – and you’re ready to find the best exterior painting company in the Kansas City Metro.  We all know the value of a quality paint job comes from the length of time that it lasts (fyi, our paint jobs are 10 to 15 years on average).

3 Ways To Avoid A Bad House Painting Experience

a bad house painting experience is shown by a brown blob of paint on the wall

One of the unfortunate conversations we have all to often is a recount of the last “horrible” experience a customer had with a cut-rate house painting company, or a national chain that didn’t live up to expectations. With that in mind, here’s x ways to avoid a bad house painting experience.

Hire an established local business

Similar to many service industries, there’s a blend of…

Painting Considerations For Kansas City Shirtwaist Houses

One of the most unique styles of homes that we do work for is the Kansas City Shirtwaist House, also known as the Midwest Shirtwaist House. Common features of this unique-to-our-area architecture include:

At least two, possibly three levels with a very symmetrical design.
A first level usually made from native limestone (in later years, brick was used).
A front porch made of the sam…

Prairie Village $5,000 Exterior Remodel Grant

prairie village $5k grant image

If you live in Prairie Village and own your home, you may be eligible for a $5,000 grant from the city. Grants are not loans, they are paid by the grantor. Maintaining a positive image is important to the city of Prairie Village. The appearance of a neighborhood plays a vital role in the perception of the quality of the community – we understand that and couldn’t agree more. The city wants to…

50 Shades Of Gray (Paint)

a home is painted with gray paint and white trim in a contemporary design

No, this isn’t an article about the trashy romance novel that’s been buzzed about for more than a year now. But the title is pretty catchy, huh? Gray is making a comeback. We’re seeing it as a selection in (and on) more homes in Johnson and Jackson County. The reasons why may surprise you.

Interior designers are using it as a natural partner for lighter colors that have exploded on t…

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