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Understanding Low-Ball Painting & Remodeling Bids

You’ve probably heard the term “low-ball” before, especially in regards to a bid or offer. We see them all the time in our industry. Low-ball painting and remodeling bids, unfortunately, can seem really attractive to many homeowners.

By definition, when a contractor offers a too-good-to-be-true price (often far below the industry average for professional interior remodeling or painting)…

Interior Painting Options For Open Floor Plans

an open floor plan has different variations of the same color

If you have a nice, open floor plan in your home…congrats! Nothing is more inviting than a nice open space to relax. Choosing paint colors for your space, however, can be the opposite of relaxing. It can be downright unnerving for many homeowners.

Open floor plans can certainly be tricky. Whereas a more traditional spaces has walls, doorways and other natural borders that create breaks…

Back To School Means Back To Projects

a home is repainted during back to school season with gorgeous purples

With back to school season nearly here, it signals a return to sanity for many parents and homeowners around Kansas City. Summer vacations and sports are nearly over. Free time will be on the rise.

But it’s also a time for projects. Home improvements that were put on hold for the summer come back to the forefront. The “to-do’s” didn’t go away, they just took a summer break along wit…

3 Reasons Professionals Should Do Small Home Projects

a professional from KCNP fixes a deck with a screw and a hammer

One of the challenges of owning a home is the physical upkeep of it, especially any wooden surfaces or structures. Decks, sheds, exterior and interior walls and other surfaces need regular maintenance to keep from deteriorating to the point they have to be replaced. That’s a big ticket item when it does happen. If you’ve ever had to replace a deck, or replace portions of a rotted exterior…

What I’ve Learned As A Professional Painter

a professional painter in kansas city finishes a beautiful interior

I’ve dedicated my life to being a true craftsman in the field of house painting and restoration. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about the profession. It’s worth sharing, as much of what’s written here can  have an impact on your home if and when we get the opportunity to work…

Johnson County Home Painting Trends

A johnson county house is painted with a reverse trim scheme

Johnson County has a vast variety of homes in its 20 unique cities and 477 square miles of real estate. The 168,000 residences keep us busy in the short painting season…that is a lot of properties that need upkeep &am…

A Small Business Mentality For Big Painting Projects

Big business owner Ryan Toelkes, with a small business mentality

Big Business Capabilities, Small Business Approach
Alot of people have asked me recently “what makes you different?” What they usually want to hear is why I think Neighborhood Painting is better than the other painting companies who they are getting bids or estimates from before they paint their homes, especially the homes with larger than average square footages.

The biggest difference, I…

Why quality prep work is important with exterior painting

Commercial Painting Kansas

Often times in life you can find shortcuts to making something easier and quicker, but this is not the case when it comes to high quality exterior painting. There are some very important steps that must be followed in order to ensure proper adhesion of the paint to the surface being painted.  It is almost never the paint film that is the problem or the cause of failure, but it is usually…

Exterior Painting Examples

Most people see the impact of painting by the appearance of color. Color does play a role in your homes appearance and value; however your home’s coating is designed for one thing: to provide a defense against the elements. From the moment that the trees are cut to build your home and siding products, nature is working against you. Prep and Painting products are designed, (correctly applied…

The Difference in Paint Sheen Options

Kansas City Commercial Painting

Most people generally focus on color when thinking of their next painting project. But once your color is finally selected sheen can be a critical component as well. The sheen of paint is the basic measure by which light reflects off of the surface once it’s dry. The sheen of the paint can also determine if your paint looks how dull or how bright your paint looks in the light. The sheen of your…

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