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Painting Versus Staining Your Deck

a deck is stained and not painted in olathe kansas, using brown dark stain

We hear from a lot of customers asking about our opinion on painting versus staining decks. Let me cut to the chase…stain will provide the best protection for your outdoor surface. It will need to be re-stained every few years though. Even the best stain fades eventually; especially in high-traffic areas. And that’s what decks are…high traffic areas for you and your family in the spring,…

What is Wood Rot / Dry Rot? Why Does it Matter?

an example of a kansas city home with wood rot

Wood rot. Dry rot. Many Kansas City area homeowners aren’t aware of the threat these pose to their wood exteriors. Even homeowners with partial brick or siding still likely have some exposed wood. Let’s take an educational approach to what exactly you’re dealing with.

Wood rot is simply the decay of wooden material. Even fresh cut trees start decaying as soon as they’re felled. Paints,…

Wood Rot? Think Twice Before Choosing Vinyl Siding

wood rot is replaced instead of choosing a cheap white vinyl siding

Comparing Vinyl Siding to Wood Rot Repair & Fresh Paint
If you are thinking about painting your home, chances are you may get told that there’s wood rot in some spots. Or, you may have wood rot in some spots and NOT get told (which is way worse). Either way, vinyl siding comes into the conversation for most people. We all know the sales pitch…”lasts a lifetime” and “you never have to paint…

5 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

With Spring Comes Spring Maintenance Honey-Do’s
The throes of winter are almost a thing of the past!  In just a few short weeks, Spring will arrive across the Kansas City Metro.  And with it will come Spring cleaning, Spring gardens and Spring honey-do’s for the outside of your home.  Even if your better half isn’t harping about the exterior condition of your home, here’s 5 home Spring hom…

When Painting…… Spray or Roll?

A local painting company pulls it's trailer behind a truck

As a Professional Painter in Kansas City, I get asked a lot which is better to spray a finish or roll it out by hand? Majority of Exterior Painting is best when a sprayer is used. The use of a paint delivery system will ensure your coating is even and uniform. Spray pumps will atomize the coating and evenly spread that over the surface you are painting. Painting by hand by means of dipping a…

Easy Fix / Save You Thousands On Repairs

One of the most common wood repairs in Kansas City is the bottom portion of the siding rotting from the bottom up. The reason this occurs is the bottom edge of the siding that faces the ground is almost always left unpainted. Wood siding is an organic product, nature wants to take over from the moment the trees were cut down, and paint’s main purpose is to prevent that decay.

The unpainted…

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