A Christmas Present For Your Home

A house's front door is painted deep red to offset the gray border

A Christmas Present For Your Home

‘Tis the season for gift giving. Children, co-workers, pets and everyone in between gets a piece of the action.

But what about your house? I mean, you entertain your family here, it keeps all your stuff in order and it serves as your primary protection from the scorching summers and wicked winters. Isn’t it time you considered a Christmas present for your home?

Neighborhood Painting has the just the solution for you. Treat your home to a fresh interior paint job, and we’ll buy the paint!* That’s right, if you act now we can have your home in top shape for the Holidays with a fresh interior color scheme (and you can pocket the money saved on paint to splurge on ugly sweaters, fruit cake and stocking stuffers).

All jokes aside, this is a great gift idea “from us to us”. It’s something the whole family can enjoy, and it adds value to your home. Most people put home improvements on hold for the holidays. With this winter special, you can get a jump on 2015’s to-do list and give yourself a fresh, warm interior before the long cold season sets in.

a christmas present for a johnson county home is shown as a beige paint job inside the houseRest assured that this is a gift that keeps on giving, as we’ll still back our work with an industry-leading warranty and our promise that all tasks will be performed by our full time professional staff, not sub-contractors with limited painting skills. We’ve been serving the KC metro since 2002, and we have one of the highest referral ratings in the region. Let us help you make this Christmas a memorable one. Contact us today for a free estimate and no-hassle color consultation. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, you can still get a fresh new home for the Holidays with Neighborhood Painting, Inc.

* = Must paint 5 or more rooms to qualify for this special.

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