Exterior Painting Examples

Exterior Painting Examples

Most people see the impact of painting by the appearance of color. Color does play a role in your homes appearance and value; however your home’s coating is designed for one thing: to provide a defense against the elements. From the moment that the trees are cut to build your home and siding products, nature is working against you. Prep and Painting products are designed, (correctly applied that is) to protect your most valuable investment from these elements. An exterior painting job is supposed to address this!

I have seen time and again inadequate prep work that leads to premature coating and substrate failure. Sealing up moisture penetration points is the name of the game- from vertical siding joints, overdriven nail holes, door and window casements, and especially horizontal edges. A skilled exterior painter should have a variety of products available for each of these areas. Product and Material knowledge is essential before attempting to hire or paint an exterior project. It’s all in the prep!

For more information, please contact your local Kansas City Exterior Painter today! Ask for Ryan…or, if you need more reasons to call, see some of our exterior painting examples  below:

Residential Exterior Painting

Residetial exterior painting Kansas City

Kansas City Residential Painting

As you can see, prep work and quality materials make all the difference in the world when you are doing exterior paint work on your home!  Visit our portfolio of painting projects to see more examples of our quality work and how we can add tremendous value to your home!

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