Your home’s exterior can say a lot about your style preferences and function as an expression of your aesthetic vision. That’s why you should enlist the finest home painters to provide you with the sharp look your residence deserves. Neighborhood Painting, Inc., is the premiere exterior house painting company in the Kansas City, MO, and Kansas City, KS area.


We’ve satisfied area customers with our quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service for over fourteen years. When it’s time to revitalize your home’s exterior, look no further. Neighborhood Painting is the place to call.

One of our proudest accomplishments is winning six consecutive Angie’s List awards – an award given for exceptional customer satisfaction. For each and every job that we take on, our mission is to ensure that our customers see value in our quality of work. Each of our professionals are thoroughly trained in not only expert workmanship and technical practices, but also customer service and excellent communication.

When you work with our team at KC Neighborhood Painting, Inc., you will find that every team member who you work with – from our front office staff to our painters and technicians – are always available to answer your questions, provide recommendations, and update you every step of the way so you’re never questioning where we’re at in the process.


Among the many reasons to choose us for your home’s exterior painting services, our biggest selling point is that we don’t ever sub-contract your work. All of the projects we take on are completed in-house by our friendly, knowledgeable staff. It’s one of the reasons we’ve won four consecutive Angie’s List awards for customer service. Our emphasis on building strong relationships with our clients has proven successful time and again.

The Kansas City market is flooded with companies who subcontract out their house painting. This leads to inferior paint jobs, lack of professionalism, low-quality products, and poor customer service. Most of all, a cut-rate contractor may not care about building a connection with you, leaving you to start your search all over again when further repairs are needed.

That’s counter to who we are here at Neighborhood Painting. When we first started our painting company, we made it our mission to employ a well-trained team that not only offers exceptional skill, but is also passionate about the work we do. We believe that when you subcontract your work, you cannot guarantee the level of trust and dependability that we wanted to be known for – and today, our satisfied customers are a testament to the success of that mission.

At Neighborhood Painting, we only hire employees who are true exterior house painters – real professionals you can trust. This allows us to provide the highest quality service and jobs that last for years. We back up this claim with a full 5 year labor warranty.


We have a truly unique style of providing home exterior painting services, and it shows in the quality of our work, which can’t be matched by any other company in the Kansas City metro area. We follow a multi-step project management process. We have separate crews to handle wood rot/siding repair and another crew for the actual painting of your walls. Your exterior paint project will roll out as follows:


When you’re ready to start planning your exterior project, give us a call and we’ll get the process started! At Neighborhood Painting, the first step of our process is to provide a consultation – completely free of charge – so we can ensure that our plan and recommendations are customized for you.

During this consultation, our owner will ask you about your vision for the project, as well as your needs and goals. We also encourage you to ask us any questions that you will help you ensure we’re a good fit for your project. At Neighborhood Painting, we truly want our project to be a partnership, and it’s our goal to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of what to expect when you work with us.


After our owner evaluates the work to be done, you’ll receive a detailed estimate within one to two days with pictures. The estimate will outline our scope of work and is available to you free of charge with “no strings attached.” Once you receive this estimate, we ask that you review the document carefully to ensure that we’ve completely capture your vision and goals for the project. We will also include information regarding our projected timeline and any additional details that may be helpful for your decision.

As you’re reviewing the estimate, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or comments. Once you agree to the terms, all we’ll need from you is a signature. No deposit is required!

3. Prep and Work Begins

Once you’ve agreed to utilize our exterior painting services, we’ll send out a prep crew. Prep work/surface preparation is the key to lasting jobs, and we put in the extra hours up front to make sure your home is not just beautiful but painted to last. The prep is done by a crew who specialize in wood repairs and surface preparation.


One key mission of the prep crew is to identify any repairs or tasks that will need to be addressed to ensure the success of our project. At Neighborhood Painting, we make it a goal to complete tasks in a timely fashion with exceptional quality. Many of our customers have worked with companies in the past that rush through projects, only to find issues halfway through – or after completion – costing additional time, money, and stress. Adequate preparation and planning is essential to the success of our projects: our prep crew ensures that we have everything we need to get the job done right the first time.


Our prep crew consist of actual carpenters on staff who handle all of our wood repair jobs, including: custom fabrication needed in historic homes, windows that need rebuilt, siding replacement and rotted trim. Your home will have all wood repairs completed and all surfaces cleaned and prepped prior to the arrival of the painting crew.

The prep crew will ensure your siding and trim are in proper shape to handle any paint work. There is a little down time in between crews – usually a couple days – and this allows you to inspect the prep job for yourself and have the confidence of knowing that your home was properly prepped prior to starting any outside painting.

Following the prep crew’s repairs, our owner and/or foreman will come to inspect their work. At Neighborhood Painting, we believe in a hands-on approach to quality assurance, and each member of our team strives to be actively involved in the success of our project. While many exterior painting companies in Kansas City provide a few workers who oversee the project from start to finish, our approach to creating multiple stages of review allows us to pick up on anything that many have been overlooked initially.

Following approval of all the prep work, a 2nd crew will be dispatched to diligently clean on a daily basis. All of our employees are prompt, courteous, and professional. It’s our promise to you.


At Neighborhood Painting, we aim to provide services that cover a diverse range of exterior residential needs. Our wide range of capabilities allows us to quickly adapt to any needs that many come up throughout our work together, and we are able to guarantee more thorough expert recommendations based on your individual residence. After all, we know that your goal is to create a beautiful, long-lasting exterior. Many times, it takes more than an exterior painting job to fulfill that goal.

Here’s an overview of common exterior services that we provide:

  • Small Exterior Painting Projects

Perhaps you would like professional painting assistance for one section of your home, or you’re looking for a smaller-scale painting project prior to pursuing one with a longer timeline. At Neighborhood Painting, we offer assistance for all sizes and scopes of exterior painting needs. Whether you need a professional painter to repaint the side of your house, or paint a new building or shed, we can do it all.

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  • Large-Scale Exterior Painting Projects

Due to our refined process and timelines, large-scale exterior painting projects are one of our specialties at KC Neighborhood Painting, Inc. We have the tools, team, and experience necessary to successfully complete a large-scale project from start to finish. Furthermore, we know that larger projects, like painting the entire exterior of your home, can cause more stress regarding the selection of a painting company to do the job. At Neighborhood Painting, our exceptional reviews, passionate team, and commitment to customer service are a reflection of why our customers find that stress is quickly erased when we begin a project together.

  • Wood Rot Repair

In Kansas City, wood rot repair is a common exterior project that our team is well-equipped to handle. Wood rot occurs frequently in many types of homes – from historic residences to modern houses – and it can quickly damage the look and feel of your home’s exterior. Repairing wood rot is often the first step to beginning an exterior painting project, as we recommend sealing and repairing the damage prior to focusing on painting over the exterior siding. If you believe your home has been damaged by wood rot, you can learn more about our wood rot services in Kansas City here.

  • Siding Replacement and Repair

At Neighborhood Painting, we also provide industry-leading siding replacement and repair services in Kansas City and beyond. Our siding services can repair many levels of damage and needs, including: cedar shingle replacement, repair of siding panels, or large-scale siding replacement for an entire home. When you partner with Neighborhood Painting for siding replacement and repair services, you can look forward to a beautiful finished look for the exterior of your home that features durable, long-lasting products and our quality guarantee.


National Painters is a licensed general contracting firm with a field team of experienced, skilled professionals. We offer a wide variety of in-house professional services and work with trusted local Kansas City companies to repair, maintain, improve and update your home until it meets your vision. We’ll even clean your windows after we are done painting.

Our supplementary services include:

  • Power washing: Paint applies best to prepared surfaces, inside and outside the home. We perform expert power washing before painting, removing years of built-up dirt and grime and ensuring an even coat and excellent durability.
  • Metal grinding: Exterior painting includes metal handrails, lintels and other metal accessories. We perform expert metal grinding as part of the preparation process, using precision care to keep intricate designs intact, and direct-to-metal (DTM) paint for perfect application.
  • Custom milling: If your home requires a repair using lumber or trim in styles or sizes no longer in production, we can help. We provide custom milling for repairs, ensuring your home looks the way you love.
  • Front door refinishing: Door refinishing is an affordable way to give your exterior doors a new look without purchasing new ones. We strip and sand your existing doors before the professional application of the paint or stain color of your choice.
  • Door replacement: Complete your new look with professional door replacement. New doors make an excellent investment alongside an exterior home painting service.
  • Window repairs: Wood rot spreads and often affects structural areas of the home, including window frames. We know what to look for. We repair and replace rim joists, studs, headers and more if necessary for a stronger home.
  • Glass replacement: Turn your house painting project into an energy-efficient remodel, replacing old fixed windows with attractive new double-paned or single-paned windows made for better thermal insulation. We can even do window glazing.
  • Stucco siding repairs: If you have damaged stucco, take advantage of our stucco repair services before painting. We have experts with years of experience working with stucco, matching textures and designs for seamless repairs.
  • Small repairs: Our painters are excellent at painting homes and skilled at so much more. Whether it’s something on your to-do list or damage we discover during preparation, we make small repairs for a better finished product.
  • Gutter replacement: If your gutters are leaking or outdated, let us manage this project for you. We work with local gutter contractors we know and trust for the replacement and disposal of your old gutters.


Every Kansas City home is different in regards to application, type of coating needed, and number of coats. A classic wood-sided structure will need a different approach than one clad in modern fiber cement materials. A unique plan for your home can be devised at the time of estimate. We offer free color consultation services for our clients to ensure their satisfaction.

Your home’s exterior helps leave an important impression on your neighborhood. If you demand the finest craftsmanship for your home, choose the best painting contractor in the Kansas City Metro – Neighborhood Painting, Inc. We serve many communities throughout the area. Click here to find out whether we work in your community. Call or contact us online and schedule a free painting consultation today!


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