A Good Process for Home Painting: Spray and Backroll Exterior

A Good Process for Home Painting: Spray and Backroll Exterior

When painting a home, the color and the type of paint you choose matter, but so too does the process used to paint a home. Do you know the best method for painting your house? While hand painting your house exterior is possible, it’s often a little much for a modern, or historical home. That’s why spraying and backrolling tends to work best and deliver the most beautiful results  but it also demands professional assistance.

Here’s a look at what it is and when to use the spray and backroll exterior approach, as well as where to seek expert guidance.

What Is Spraying and Backrolling?

Spraying and backrolling begins with an airless paint spraying. Use that sprayer to apply the first coat of paint. Then, as the first person puts on that initial coat using the sprayer, a second worker follows closely behind with a roller to apply a second coat. It’s important that the roller follows closely behind the sprayer when using the spray and backroll exterior approach as this ensures the best paint adhesion.

Why Choose a Spray and Backroll Exterior?

The spray and backroll exterior process offers three benefits, including:

  • Promotes Better Adhesion: What’s great about spraying and backrolling your exterior is that it allows your paint to work itself into the surface, much more than with spraying alone. When you give your paint that opportunity, it translates to better adhesion, which is a must to make sure the paint lasts as long as possible. Signs of poor adhesion can include paint blistering and lifting over time.
  • Smooths Raised Surface Fibers: Across surfaces, from drywall to wood, raised fibers can be a bit like cat hair in that they’re everywhere. By backrolling, you can knock down and smooth those raised fibers out, leading to a surface that’s easy on the eyes. Plus, the process evens out your layer of paint, creating a smooth aesthetic for you to admire when pulling up to your home or business.
  • Improves Paint Longevity: Because of the excellent adhesion delivered by spraying and backrolling, it’s a process also credited to lengthening the life of your paint. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, that matters. You want to invest in your building or home, not throw money at it every few years. That’s another reason trusting a professional to spray and backroll your exterior is a sound choice, as they’re familiar with the process.

When you finish with the spray and backroll exterior approach, step back, and you’ll see a beautiful and professional-looking paint job.

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