The High Cost Of Cheap Interior Paint

kansas city interior house painting shows blue staircases with white rails

The High Cost Of Cheap Interior Paint

We live in a dollar-centric world nowadays. Cost drives many of our decisions. What cars we drive, what food we eat, what clothes we buy…all tied to price tags and budgets. There’s an old saying though, which talks about being “penny wise and pound foolish”.  Often times you get what you pay for. Other times, what you DON’T pay for comes back and haunts you, costing you more in the long run.

Interior painting and the labor that applies it is a perfect example of just such an instance. Doing it “right” may cost a little more up front, but the savings and value far outweigh the cost. Here’s a little more detail on how:

interior paint winding down a stair rail1. Use of cheap paint – For the first year or so, these inferior blends may look good for a brief time. But cheap paints don’t hold up to cleaning, and they show handprints, dirt and other smudges far too easily. Before you know it, the new paint job has started to look dull and dingy.

2. Sloppy paint transition lines – A quality home painter will have crisp lines between color changes of trim and walls. If you don’t get quality application, the brand new paint job you just paid for doesn’t look new at all. Or at least, it doesn’t look professional. Cheap-rate semi-professionals often struggle with this technique.

3. Ignoring surface imperfections – craftsmen-level painters will fix drywall imperfections, bad tape joints, visible seams, etc. This is usually an area that is skipped on lower priced bids. What’s the point of a great interior painting job if the walls and surface are sub-optimal? Might as well not have painted in the first place if these issues aren’t fixed.

4. Failing to sand appropriately – sanding ensures the painted surface is free of debris and imperfections, giving the walls the smoothest appearance possible.  You will not get this done with cheap or cost-based painting companies.

5. Not using quality caulk – High quality caulking will ensure the life of the work when trim is being used. Quality material doesn’t separate. I see this happen a lot on trim shortly after an inferior painting job, leaving gaps and cracks on your woodworking. This isn’t what you expected but it’s what you get if good caulk isn’t used, or if low quality caulk is used to save money.

6. Only using one coat – Walls should be uniform, painted evenly, rolled out properly and completely free of roller marks. You may not get two full coats on cheap bids, let alone an even coating with that single application. Needless to say, this won’t withstand the test of time.

Neighborhood Painting Inc is proud to stand by our guarantees. We guarantee that no sub-contractor will ever work on your project. We guarantee your satisfaction with the work, completely. And we guarantee our work in writing for five full years. Take our word for when we say that cheap interior painting can turn out to be quite extensive in the long run. Better yet, get a free color consultation and up-front bid, and get more than just our word.  Get a great new look and feel for your home created by true professionals, and at an affordable price!

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