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Hiring A Painting Company? Quality Trumps Price

a home gets an exterior paint job in Kansas City Missouri

Hiring A Painting Company? Quality Trumps Price

Awards Don’t Lie

A painting company award from 2013
When people think about paint, most immediately think about “color”. Other’s start thinking about “price”.  But more important than either is the person or persons applying said paint to your home.  It’s a craft that often goes overlooked, assumed to be easy enough for anyone with a brush and the time to accomplish.

The truth is, there is so much more to coatings than just picking a color, and much more to house painting than just wielding a brush. Modern-day paint has a lot of chemistry and technology backing it, especially newer water borne paints.  There’s an art to applying it correctly.  And there’s certainly a hidden skill-set to prepping the surface appropriately.

a house painting award from 2012We always tell homeowners that paint is designed to do one thing; protect surfaces from the elements. Sealants and coatings are designed to water proof substrates and protect them from damaging UV rays. Your home, typically, is the biggest investment that you make. If the exterior of your home is not properly protected (your roof, windows, exterior paint, etc) than the interior of your home (framing, insulation, drywall, interior finishes, etc) are at risk.

Enter the word “quality”.  Why anyone would ever go cheap on the first line of defense for their biggest investment is beyond us. Quality work will always save you money in the long run. The age old expression of “Do it right the 1st time” applies to almost everything in life…but especially to home maintenance. A quality painting company will save you time, energy and most importantly money versus the cost of expensive, time consuming repairs after shoddy work doesn’t hold up. A proper painting job will last years longer than an inferior one, and also protect you from costly wood rot repairs. There will always be reasons for cost differences, but since we referenced one old saying let us reference another…”you get what you pay for.”

a house painting award from 2011With Neighborhood Painting, what you pay for is craftsman-level quality, incredible customer service and up-front pricing. It’s why we’ve won THREE consecutive awards from Angie’s List. As noted above, not anyone can paint, unlike what some would believe. In reality, very few retain the art of painting and restoring surfaces. It takes experience and knowledge to apply the right prep products, harness application techniques for the vast variety of surfaces, and keep house painting projects on time/budget. It’s part of our not-so-secret recipe to winning awards and maintaining customers.

House Painting Done Right

If you’re considering a cheap or semi-skilled home painting company, think twice. The slight difference in price could mean not-so-slight costs for repairs down the road. If your home is your castle, don’t risk it to semi-professionals or sub-contractors. Trust the award winning painting professionals at Neighborhood Painting. Your free in-home color consultation and estimate are just a call or click away!

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