How to Clean Painted Cabinets

How to Clean Painted Cabinets

How to Clean Painted Cabinets

Between food spills, grease splatters and steam, your kitchen cabinets experience a significant amount of wear. Many people do further damage by cleaning their painted cabinets too harshly or letting stains become permanent. Incorrect cleaning or no cleaning at all will ruin your paint and affect your home’s value. Cleaning your cabinets correctly improves their lifespan and the appearance of your kitchen. That’s why we created this guide on how to clean painted cabinets.

Four Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

The best way to clean painted cabinets is to clean them once every two weeks. Frequent cleaning with soft materials prevents the need for harsher cleaning later. Your painted cabinets will look brand new for years to come. Follow these four tips for cleaning painted cabinets to keep your kitchen fresh.

1. Start Gentle

Your painted cabinets are delicate, so your approach to cleaning them should be as well. There are several methods for cleaning cabinets, but you should start with the most gentle. Your first attempt at removing dust and grime should be a gentle pass with a damp rag.

For deeper cleaning, try the detergent method. Putting a tiny bit of detergent into a bucket of water will create some suds. Cleanse and rinse with a damp towel, then dry. This technique works well for lifting grease stains.

2. Use Natural Cleaning Products

If you have to use cleaning products, try sticking to natural, non-abrasive options. These solutions protect your painted cabinets from damage and reduce the number of chemical cleaning products you use in your home. For grease stains, combine one tablespoon baking soda, two cups of warm water and one cup of vinegar.

3. Use Microfiber Cloths

Techniques like the detergent method work best if you use three microfiber rags. Having a separate towel for each purpose is important. For this method, the first is soapy and the second is not. Avoid oversaturation by wringing both cloths. Keep the third rag dry to wick moisture from your cabinets once you finish rinsing them. Prolonged exposure to water can damage the paint and the cabinet underneath.

4. Clean Your Cabinets Often

Wiping your cabinets down every other week prevents buildup and hard-to-remove stains. If you notice spills or new stains, try to clean them as soon as possible. Letting grease and other substances stay on your cabinets can allow them to set.

When you clean your cabinets, use glass cleaner on any glass and mirrors. Take extra care to keep the cleaner away from the painted parts of your cabinet. If the glass has a finish on it, make sure you’re using an approved cleaning solution. Scrub any hardware with one part warm water and one part vinegar.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Services in the Kansas City Metro Area

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