How to Paint a Feature Wall

How to Paint a Feature Wall

How to Paint a Feature Wall

A feature wall is a wall that has a unique design from the rest. It gives homeowners the opportunity to experiment with color, texture and patterns. Complex finishes like exposed brick or geometric designs are in style, but paint is the most common medium for accent walls.

Six Feature Wall Color Ideas

Many people choose bright hues for their feature walls. However, neutral tones with a pop of color, darker shades and even pastels make great accent colors. Here are six of the most popular ideas for your new feature wall:

  • Green: Versatile and restful, green promotes harmony and renewal. Bright hues, pastels and dark greens make great accent walls.
  • Orange: Muted or bold, orange walls are unique and welcoming. Their warmth radiates through any room, regardless of tone.
  • Black: Your feature walls should make a statement. Painting one all black does just that.
  • Pink: Pick your favorite color of pink for an on-trend accent wall that stuns visitors. Pink never goes out of style.
  • Similar shades: Choose lighter and darker variations of the other paint colors in a room. This trick works particularly well with neutrals.
  • Patterns: Choosing a pattern for your feature wall allows for extra drama without too much chaos. Make sure the pattern complements your furniture.

Four Tips for Painting a Feature Wall

Creating an accent wall in your home requires some planning. Changing just one color has such a big impact on the room’s atmosphere, so you’ll want to highlight the right wall. Where do you want to draw visitors’ eyes? How can you use color to make the most of your space?

As you develop your strategy, consider these four tips on how to paint a feature wall:

  1.  Use feature walls in large rooms: Accent walls make great additions to spacious rooms in your house, but can make small rooms feel even more closed-in. Keep your feature walls in areas of your home with plenty of room.
  2.  Separate spaces in an open floor plan: If one room flows into another, feature walls can help you differentiate individual spaces. This makes each room cozier while maintaining the flexibility of your home.
  3. Choose your focal point: Your accent wall becomes the focal point of the room. Anything else you want people to pay attention to should be along that wall. If you scatter focal points, the room feels chaotic.
  4. Prepare and paint like a professional: Sand your wall and wipe it down to prepare it for a fresh coat of paint. After it dries, tape trim, light switch covers and other items for crisp lines. Use a small brush to paint the edges before covering the rest of the wall with a roller. Allow the first coat to dry, add a second and peel the tape away.

When you paint a feature wall, your plan and the technique you use is important. If you want the help of a professional, call Neighborhood Painting. We offer residential painting services to homeowners in the Kansas City Metro area. Contact us for a free color consultation and estimate on your feature wall today.

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