Interior Colors of 2018

Interior Colors of 2018

Interior Colors of 2018

Are you looking to update your home to the latest design trend in time for the new year? By keeping up with the popular paint colors for 2018, you determine your interior mood for the upcoming year and what type of furniture and accessories you’ll invest in. Top paint brand companies are setting the tone for sincerity, mindfulness and connectivity in the new year. Explore the trendy paint colors of 2018 and determine which mood you want to embrace.


Tones for Sincerity and Tranquility

The idea of sincerity and tranquility stems from a relaxed and calm lifestyle accentuated with light tones and neutrals. To embrace a sincere interior, use soft colors like light greens and pinks, sandy browns and airy grays with touches of lilac to remove harsh color contrasts and flow seamlessly together.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are perfect for a tranquil palate with whites and greens to escape from your daily troubles.

Shades of Mindfulness

Enter 2018 with a sense of mindfulness, awareness and compassion for yourself, others and the natural world. The mindfulness palate is about balance in your work and personal day-to-day life, while increasing your overall enjoyment.

Bring the outside in by embracing a peaceful and natural look with blues, greens and tans. For an extra pop of color, also consider adding some deeper blues or pinks.

Hues for Connectivity

Connectivity embraces society’s growing love for technology and a vibrant lifestyle. Bright and bold oranges, blues, greens and yellows are ideal for creativity and loud, unique ideas. Balance these eccentric colors with neutrals like creams and grays for warmth and grounding in the space.

orange and yellow walls show bold color to try and help boost resale value for a new home

The Other Color: Shades of Black

While personal growth themes characterize the other 2018 paint color trends, major paint brands are also encouraging shades of black. For a darker, private and more mysterious vibe, make a statement in your living space with a black paint featuring shades of green or indigo.

Each brand features their take on a black-ish shade to evoke a simple and modern style — also a boldness most won’t be brave enough to embrace. Pair the dark walls with light-colored furniture and white accessories so the space doesn’t become too heavy.

Revamp Your Interior for 2018

Become a trendsetter and redo your interior in time for the new year with one of 2018’s trendy colors or schemes. Trust the professionals at Neighborhood Painting in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO to update your home. To explore your color options, give us a call today at 913-709-6151 or complete our online contact form. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the area — for all of our clients, we offer a five-year warranty on our exterior paint and free estimates and color consultations.

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