Interior Painting Options For Open Floor Plans

an open floor plan has different variations of the same color

Interior Painting Options For Open Floor Plans

If you have a nice, open floor plan in your home…congrats! Nothing is more inviting than a nice open space to relax. Choosing paint colors for your space, however, can be the opposite of relaxing. It can be downright unnerving for many homeowners.

Open floor plans can certainly be tricky. Whereas a more traditional spaces has walls, doorways and other natural borders that create breaks between areas, open floor plans do not. We have developed a few ideas when considering how to tackle this situation. Of course, we offer a professional color consultation for all our valued customers. But conceptually, there are three ways to choose paint colors for your open floor plan:

Define sections with accent colors
The space that you’re working with may not be intuitively divided into separate areas, but you can still take steps to make sure they function individually. Each area is clearly defined by its color and personality. Consider choosing different accent colors for different areas.

This tactic really spices up a monochrome room, and can add warmth to an open floor plan. It’s also a way to incorporate bold colors that you might’ve considered too bold for a full room, but that you still want to integrate into your home. Often times accent colors play off a key piece of furniture or accessory that you want to highlight.

One key note with this design option is that any adjacent walls should be painted in a less vibrant shade. This lets your eyes rest and also doesn’t dominate the room. It adds a sense of balance.

Stick with one neutral shade throughoutFoyer with curved staircase
A good interior paint job does one of two things…it turns into a focal point, or it seamlessly blends into the background, allowing the space itself (including lamps, furniture, art, etc) to define its personality.

If you prefer the latter option, consider using just one hue throughout your home when repainting. If you want “stuff” to dominate instead of “color”, this is the option for you. Lighting is something to consider if choosing this path. Natural and artificial lighting play a strong role in creating a color tone for your wide open space. Even with continuous walls, lighting can vary greatly in the overall space.

Do a little bit of both!
Can’t decide? Do both! A blend of the two techniques above is totally doable. It involves using a monochromatic scheme, but layering in different shades of the same color to define specific areas. Do this by sticking to the colors on one paint strip, and using the deeper tones on the same strip as your accent colors of choice.

As your eye moves around the space, it will do so in a completely seamless manner. It also let you leverage much deeper and bolder accent colors. It’s adventurous and bold, but it can certainly be pulled off. It is also likely a bit more expensive as you are using more color options.

We’re here to help…
When it comes to morphing your existing home into your dream home, we’re here to help. As mentioned above, we always provide color consultations to our valued customers. We have an incredible warranty. And we never, ever subcontract our work. With the Holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to schedule your interior painting work. We’re here to help.

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