Interior Painting Trends Are "Lightening Up"

Interior Painting Trends Are “Lightening Up”

Interior Painting Trends Are “Lightening Up”

When the weather turns cool and Kansas City area families turn their attention indoors, painting projects do the same. Interior house painting is popular in the late Fall and Winter, not just because it gives people something to do, but because it gives them something different to look at when everything outside is monochrome gray.

If you’re considering a project like this, you’ll want to consider colors. If you’re undecided on the hues to use in your rooms, then take a tip from the trendsetters: lighten up! More and more homes are moving to very light, airy and soft color palettes for their interior schemes.

While deep, saturated shades have been popular for what seems like forever, many trendy and modern paint palettes are quite the opposite. Interior designers and color experts (and savvy house painting professionals) favor lighter hues that catch the eye with ever-so-subtle hints and traces of color. These trends are very present on Johnson and Jackson county, and are the focus of many of our complimentary color consultations.

Yellow’s, green’s, light blue’s and purple’s are vaguely reminiscent of the pastels of yesteryear, but the airy soft colors that are so popular right now are much more sophisticated, often blending two or three shades into a room, or two complimentary colors in the same palette. Doing this right allows rooms to look different in the dark and in the light. This means your house will actually “come alive” when spring – and more natural light – become available. For example, a wall might seem to be pale green in the darker winter months, yet take on a yellow cast when brighter summer light is available.

Because of the tendency of these colors to shift in different lighting conditions, it’s wise to pre-test them before committing to a particular light tint, or at least make sure your painting contractor can speak to how they will differ based on how much natural and artificial light your home has. As usual, the talent you choose to actual paint your house matters. Consistency and accuracy of application will make all the difference in getting the “look” you hope for.

light and airy interior paint schemeThe way we see it, this emerging trend away from bold color and toward airy and light tints is part of the natural ebb and flow that occurs in the paint industry every few years.. And this stage of the cycle offers some tangible rewards to those who hop on board in our professional opinion. This approach tends to open up otherwise cluttered spaces and areas. It’s a really great alternative to re-decorating or remodeling, especially if you want to “live with it” for awhile before making a big decision on what home project to tackle next.

And more importantly, there’s the way you feel. There’s a psychological benefit of lighter paint colors. Lighter, brighter surroundings can lift your spirit, no matter what the color. And as we noted in this post from awhile back, softer colors – notably, those rooted in green and blue – have a restful quality that can relax the spirit, calm nerves and restore energy after long days.

If having your home’s interior repainted this fall or winter is in your plans, contact us today. The schedules fill up fast, and this is your chance to fight back against winter’s shorter days and dull weather by adding some fresh, light colors that pop! Plus, it will make those holiday parties even better…

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