Interior Remodeling Project

Interior Remodeling Project

Remodeling can be a time-consuming process that’s best left to those trained in the art. Whether you want an updated space for an upcoming event or you want to change the style of the spaces around you, professional interior renovation contractors know how to take a remodeling project from its conception and put it into action so you can simply focus on enjoying the final product.

When you need a remodeling project done well, get in touch with the best at KC Neighborhood Painting Company. Painting is just the beginning of what we can do, and it won’t take you long to realize that hiring us is the best option for remodeling a room or building for peak functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here, we’ll take you through our comprehensive process based on one of our recent projects so you can see for yourself that we have all the skills you need.

1. Framing and Construction

To start, we layed out the room’s framing, including its special features — the mezzanine and staircase. An LVL was installed in order not to have any visible posts and support the overhead storage in the mezzanine. Once we framed the walls, we installed the electrical outlets and switches. Then we insulated the walls to keep the room toasty warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We also framed and installed an overhead garage door so the room could be open to the outdoor elements if desired. The garage door needed to fit perfectly with the room itself so we selected a stained metal facade.

Initial Framing for Remodeling Project

2. Siding

The interior wall panels were custom made. We took LP smart siding and applied wiping stain to give it a rustic barnwood appearance. Already, we could begin to see the room come together as we covered the framing with barn wood wall panels and stained them in light, natural colors. At this stage, we also constructed the other doors for the room, applied a complementing stain and installed them.

Barnwood Siding for Remodel

3. Ceiling and Lighting

After the walls came together, we focused our attention on the ceiling. We started by installing a sturdy, mold-resistant fiberglass ceiling, followed by trim boards to reduce seam visibility. We also put in LED lighting across the entire room. Then, after finishing with the flooring, we came back to the ceiling to finish painting it.

Lighting Installation for Remodel

4. Acid-Stained Flooring

Our next step was enhancing the room’s concrete floor by staining it with acid, making it a unique conversation piece. Combined with the shelves and accent elements we created, the striking floor gives the area new flair and personality.

Acid Stained Floors for Remodel


5. Custom Bar, Fireplace and Shelves

Finally, we built a few custom elements to tie the room together. Our decorations included a restored fireplace and stained wood shelves held up by chain links. The centerpiece of the area is a handmade custom bar we designed using two live oak slabs. In the center of the slabs, we included an epoxy river for an extra unique twist.


Custom Bar for Remodel

6. The Finished Project

Event Room Remodel

Hire KC Neighborhood Painting Company for Your Next Project

In Kansas City, there’s no better home remodeler than KC Neighborhood Painting Company. We offer the highest-quality services in the region, from a team that knows how to make your home or business comfortable, secure and stylish.

If you’re ready to transform your space, call the experts at KC Neighborhood Painting Company at 913-709-6151 or fill out our contact form online. We’ll follow up to schedule your free estimate for interior or exterior painting, staining or siding installation. Get started today!

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