The Power Of Blues: Interior Room Painting Trends

interior painting using blue is a bucket of light and dark blue interior paint cans in a row

The Power Of Blues: Interior Room Painting Trends

As we continue to look at great ideas for exceptional interior room painting solutions for the Kansas City metro, one of things to consider is subsets of a primary color.  In this case, blue.  Blue is our friend, it can be both a compliment and a contrast. It’s cool and refreshing, yet stark and powerful in it’s darker forms. We’re seeing more and more blues being requested and introduced into people’s homes. We love working with blue paint schemes (and you should too!) Below is a list of some of the hot variations of our old friend that we’re seeing more and more of:

light sky blue interior paint swatch on paper



Light Sky Blue: This crystal-clear and ultra-clean blue invokes the airiness of the sky above. If you need a ‘fresh start’ than this might be the interior room paint for you. Great as a transitional option moving between darker existing rooms to light beige rooms that are “standard” in many homes.




sea kiss blue interior paint for existing homes and rooms



Sea Kiss Blue: This refreshing blue speaks to sustaining and rejuvenating an existing room.  If you have a darker primary, or even clean, crisp white frames, this can be a color to compliment what’s already going on. Interior paints are often varied from room to room, and this makes a great addition for a reading room or napping room.



a light aqua interior room paint for choosy homeowners



Light Aqua: Looking for a little change, but nothing too drastic of a departure from traditional colors? Try this lighter version of aqua. It still gives all the soothing vibes of light blues, but has a more authoritative presence in a room. This is a mix of freshness and stability in one color. Very popular for homes in and around standing water (lake homes, homes on golf courses, etc).




traditional turqoise interior room paint in a white patch



Traditional Turquoise: This color never goes out of style, and seems to be very popular every few years. It’s a more invigorating interior room color, with that great mix of blue and green that helps it complement any yellows that may exist in your lighter rooms. This has a little kick to it, like a ray of sun  hitting standing water. Always worth considering!




oceanside blue interior room paint on a white tablecloth



Oceanside Blue: This is nearing the “teal” color that we see so often in homes painted in the early 2000’s (especially in Johnson County), but this is a bit different. It’s not something we see here in the KC metro too often, but it is becoming more popular. It can marry up with reds, browns or amber interior paint schemes, and has enough life to hold a living room or dining room if you decided to use it that way.



Questions about what might be right for you? Don’t forget that we offer free color consultations for all of our customers (on top of a fantastic warranty and the Neighborhood Painting promise of being superior craftsman-level house painters with absolutely NO sub-contracting whatsoever). Ready to get started on your home’s interior room painting needs? Give us a call today!

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