A Small Business Mentality For Big Painting Projects

Big business owner Ryan Toelkes, with a small business mentality

A Small Business Mentality For Big Painting Projects

Big Business Capabilities, Small Business Approach

Alot of people have asked me recently “what makes you different?” What they usually want to hear is why I think Neighborhood Painting is better than the other painting companies who they are getting bids or estimates from before they paint their homes, especially the homes with larger than average square footages.

The biggest dia five year warranty on painting workfference, I always say, is that we have the expertise and capabilities of a large corporate painting company, but we still act like we’re a two-man shop in desperate need of your business. What that means to you is:

1.  We clearly explain who will be doing the painting at your residence…it will be full-time Neighborhood Painting employees, not random subcontractors. This is important to you as a homeowner. Subs come and go, and their work can’t be fully guaranteed. Ours is backed by a full 5 year warranty.

2.  We bid the job thoroughly. That means there’s no additional charges after the fact, no up-charges, and no “guess what we found once we started work” scenario’s that cost you in the long run. Many area companies use the ol’ Bait-and-Switch routine to get your business. We’re not saying we’ve never had to write up a change order…sometimes things change or people want something different after we’ve given them an estimate. But, changes will be on your terms and at your request, not because we missed something.

3. We make sure that insurance is in place and that certificates are available. If you’ve ever had this piece messed up, than you already know how important it is!

4. We take pictures and include them with all of of our estimates so that we can explain the work in detail and reference photographs. This helps ensure that you have a clear understanding of what services we will provide.

a full 5 year warranty on painting projects5. We always provide a detailed (and fully typed) bid explaining all services, products and work. Have you ever had a painting company or siding vendor give you chicken scratches on a notepad, and use that as the basis for a confusing bill after the work is done? You won’t ever have to worry about that with us.

6. The company owner himself (yours truly) estimates every project personally. Having an owner estimate each painting or restoration project guarantees that we will be performing the right services for each job, and that nothing gets missed. Experience in coatings and surfaces is what matters when you’re dealing with a painting company, and with more than 20 years experience, I can guarantee that you’ll get what you need!

All the things above are the kind of things you get from mom-and-pop contractors.  A real focus on customer service.  However, we blend that with incredible expertise, manpower and resources. We’re able to finish your jobs faster and with better results than most small painting companies. Plus, we don’t use subs and never screw up your estimates like larger outfits would.  You want the best of both worlds (price and quality).  And that’s what we offer, by acting like a small business even though we’re on-par with much bigger outfits.  It’s why 9 out of 10 customers refer us to their friends, family and neighbors.

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