How Often Do I Need to Repaint?

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How Often Do I Need to Repaint?

Are the walls in your house starting to look a bit faded or dingy? Wondering how often should you repaint your house? Repainting your home interior depends largely on the room type and how often its used — rooms that get a lot of use like kitchen and bathrooms will need a new coat more often than other rooms like a bedroom. When deciding which rooms need to be repainted, consider rooms that get a lot of use and haven’t been painted in awhile or if it’s just time to revamp your style.


Living and Dining Room


While you probably spend most of your time in the living and dining rooms, these spaces actually don’t need to be repainted as often as the other rooms in your house. Because the main focus of these rooms is furniture and décor, the walls are seldom touched. These rooms are mostly repainted when it’s time to update the style to a fun new trend, typically around five to seven years.




The kitchen is a really busy room, and with the steady traffic and regular cooking and food prep, the walls are likely to get messy. You’ll want to choose a pearl or satin finish that’s easily cleaned, and your walls will look best if you repaint or touch-up every three or four years.

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Bedrooms and Bathrooms


Adult bedrooms don’t need to be painted as often as other rooms in your home because they typically see less activity. Paint your bedroom as needed or whenever you want to update the walls to a trendy new color. However, children’s bedrooms are often occupied by your kids playing and endure more wear and tear. When painting, choose a paint type that’s easily cleaned — like eggshell or pearl or satin — then consider repainting the room every two to three years.


Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in your house and take a brunt of abuse — mostly moisture and humidity. Water based paints are ideal in this room or other types that are durable against moisture and help control mildew. Keeping the bathroom well-ventilated will help keep your paint in good shape, but consider repainting the bathrooms every three to four years.




Hallways are subject to heavy traffic — you’ll find signs of scuff marks, fingerprints or dents and cracks. With high-quality paint, you can get away with washing the walls as they get dirty. With minor repairs you can patch them and use touch-up paint to hide the work. Hallways are one of the most repainted rooms in a home, so consider applying a new coat about every two or three years.


Why to Hire a Professional


So why hire a professional to paint your home when you can buy paint at your local hardware store? By hiring a professional you’ll find the following benefits:

  • Expertise
  • Professional Tools and Equipment
  • Presentation — no streaks or drips
  • Time Saving

Repaint Your Home Interior With Neighborhood Painting

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