Painting…Big Change, Little Money

Kansas City exterior painting

Painting…Big Change, Little Money

Considering a big change to the interior or exterior of your home without spending an arm and a leg?  If you are wondering how in the world you are going to pay for the new siding, wonder no more. Painting is the answer if you are looking for a big change with the least amount of monetary investment.   There are several key benefits to having the exterior of your home professionally painted. Most exterior siding surfaces are designed to last a really long time if they have been maintained properly. With the right prep work   and taking care of any wood rot around windows and trim, you can protect your house for years to come. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to cause your house to outshine all the other houses on your block. I am going to give you a few important reasons to choose painting for your first choice of big change for little money.  Painting allows you to change the color if you desire at a later time. The only time I would recommend new siding is when your old siding is damaged beyond repair and has a great amount of rotten wood, and/ or termite damage. Painting is your solution if your house does not fit the criteria for new siding I just mentioned.

a new home has an exterior paint upgrade with brown and black paint

Benefits of our Kansas City house painting:

  • Protection for your home is the most important reason to have your home professionally painted.  A professional paint job will guarantee long lasting protection against the elements. 
  • Instant added value to your home is the second most important reason. For less than half the cost of new siding you can quickly add value to your home. 
  • You can always change the color of an exterior paint job if over time you get tired of the color. Siding only gives you one shot, so you better be extra certain that’s the color you want. 
  • The majority of people cannot afford the cost of new siding without going into debt, whereas it is much easier to set aside money for a paint job without going into debt.

All of these benefits make it worth getting your home painted by our Kansas City painting contractors if its time. There is something very rewarding about having a new look, a fresh coat of paint, and that great color scheme. Happy painting!

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