Why Our Painting Company Calls Shawnee Kansas Home

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Why Our Painting Company Calls Shawnee Kansas Home

As a person who appreciates small town values, but who is also dependent on local commerce as a business man, the city of Shawnee, Kansas has it all. Shawnee to this day still clearly shows the heritage of her founders on her surface. The presence of the small town values of its hardworking residents from years before are still deeply ingrained in the city’s core. You’re not going to see this at your typical large corporate franchise’s that are in every other city, but go downtown near city hall and talk with the local shop/business owners and there you will find what I’m talking about.

an image from shawnee kansasI will share a quick story that impressed me several years back when I first moved to Shawnee.  I own a local painting business obviously, and the guys and I were working on a commercial project in the Shawnee downtown area. I went into the local Hardware store (Hartman Hardware) to get some supplies for the job. When I went to check out, I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Luckily, the owner was the person checking me out, he may have seen me before but he didn’t know me and he told me to go ahead and take my supplies and come back to pay him later. You just don’t get that in the big city these days!  I of course didn’t let much time go by at all before I went back to pay him, a few hours later I think. I didn’t even want the thought to cross his mind that maybe I wouldn’t return. My point is you just don’t get these kind of experiences these days, especially in a large metro area.

I have chosen to have both my home and business located in Shawnee. I feel the city is a great centralized location for the company with both 4-35 & I-35 at my finger tips, and Shawnee Mission Parkway as well. Commuting around the city a breeze. Also, I feel the values of the people of Shawnee closely mirror our own at Neighborhood Painting. We value those relationships primarily based upon trust and accountability. We employee 12 people from the area and hope to over the years further ingrain the business within the fabric of the community. We service both residential and commercial clients, we offer exterior and interior painting, wood rot repairs, deck staining, stucco repairs and siding replacement for KC metro area homes and businesses. We are a company that only has true painters and they are all our employees. We will never subcontract out any work. We are an award winning business with an A+ BBB rating and of course we are registered with the city of Shawnee as our home town.

Some facts about Shawnee, Kansas

images of olden time shawnee kansasThe area now comprising Shawnee, Kansas is rich with history and examples of characteristic American Midwestern life. Its heritage reaches back into the prehistoric era of the Osage native people and before. Its immediate origin springs from its location as the political and religious center of the Shawnee Indians.

It enjoyed a location on both the Ft. Leavenworth and Ft. Scott Military Roads that tied it into the government-organized transportation routes that connected installations before and after the Civil War. During the 1840s and ‘50s branches of the Oregon, California and even Santa Fe Trails wound through part of its current eastern area. During the Civil War, unrest came to Shawnee in the person of William Quantrill and his Missouri bushwhackers. Some Shawnee men served with Union forces at the Battle of Westport.

There are close to 70,000 residents now living in Shawnee present day.

Some facts about Neighborhood Painting

As noted earlier we’re a locally owned and operated business. All of our employees live in and around Shawnee. Also noted earlier, we never sub-contract our work. We take a craftsman’s approach to interior and exterior painting projects, and our customer satisfaction is unrivaled. We’d welcome the chance to learn more about your painting needs, both commercial and residential. Feel free to fill out the form on the top right of this page and contact us today!

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