Painting Houses in Mission Hills (And A Brief History)

Painting Houses in Mission Hills (And A Brief History)

Mission Hills was founded on June 30th 1914 – largely to the efforts on Real Estate Developer JC Nichols.Originally 121 acres were on the Kansas Side and 7 acres on the Missouri side where the club house resided- largely due to the State Liquor Laws at the time. What makes Mission Hills unique, is that you have the architectural designs that continue to maintain historical integrity (houses that mostly fit in 7 styles- several which are referenced later in the article), but mainly it’s the use of green spaces, park lets, lot configurations, and house mass patterns that really represent the unique look and feel of Mission Hills.

 Throughout the rolling hills and flowing green landscape, Mission Hills can be divided into 4 sections:

  • Countryside Estates
  • Neighborhood Estates
  • Traditional Neighborhood
  • Suburban

A sign that was painted in mission hillsWithin these sections most of the homes, regardless of size, abide by the same building mass principles (although the styles are reflective of different ownership/time periods). Most homes are recessed from the road and centered within the property lines, the main mass of the home and tallest points are centralized, and as the property encroaches neighboring boundaries, the wings of the home generally recess and mass down as they reach out towards the outer boundaries. This is mainly to keep the green space prominent and it also shows a great deal of respect for the neighboring  properties. So as for a 2 story large sq. foot home not to cast a shadow on a smaller 1 story home, for example. Very cool design concepts, which promote a general acceptance within the community, are evident as new homes are built to this style and older homes are fitted with new additions.

A great deal of focus is spent on grounds keeping, starting from the design of the Verona circle to the continued flow of landscaping, the homes were meant to have an estate look although the homes can be quite close together in areas. Property maintenance is critical in this upscale neighborhood and the contractors who assist these homeowners in this duty should be upscale in their efforts and image as well.

repainting homes in mission hills that use stoneRepainting your home can go a long way in keeping up the visual appearance and historical preservation of it. Helping you with color selection, specific substrate repair with various older building materials, Lead Based Paint handling, neat and precise job coordination are the skills needed to work within the Mission Hills Boundaries.  Selecting the right contractor is vital when it comes to a large restoration effort. Product knowledge and the specific skill set to work on historical homes is essential to having a lasting positive outcome. We have reviewed your local Sargent Town Planning Design Guidelines specific to Mission Hills. We are available for scheduled color consultations during all seasons. Neighborhood Painting is an elite multiple award winning painting company servicing the metro for 12 years. Contact us Today to set up an evaluation of your home or property.

Several architectural styles are referenced below:















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