Painting Trends for Colonial-Style Homes

Painting Trends for Colonial-Style Homes

Trending Paint Schemes for Colonial-Style Homes

When you think of the classic American home, a colonial-style likely comes to mind. Colonial-style homes got their name from the colonists who built them when they arrived in America — the style was reminiscent of what the colonists were used to in their homeland. The different materials available at the time also impacted the style and building process of the houses.

If you own a colonial-style home, you want to make sure it looks its best. Choosing the right paint scheme can increase the curbside value of your house and make it a space that reflects your style.

Popular Exterior Painting Trends

The most popular exterior colors for 2021 include tans, whites, blacks and navy blue. If you’re thinking about updating your home’s paint scheme, take a look at these color palettes for some inspiration.

1. Classic Colonial Home

Many popular paint colors will complement your classic colonial home. Shades such as gray and warm browns have become popular in 2021 for this style of house. For a pop of color, paint the trim or door a brighter color, such as a fiery red.

2. Dutch Colonial Style

Since the main feature of the Dutch colonial style of house is the roof, many paint trends involve simple colors with bright accents. You might try a light tan or beige on the home itself with a dark brown for the trim, for instance.

3. Spanish Colonial Style

Many Spanish colonial homes feature terracotta roof tiles, which is why popular neutral colors such as off-white or beige would work best for this home. The accent colors are where your house will have some personality. Use bold colors such as dark blues or even red.

4. Georgian Colonial

The building materials of a Georgian colonial house often contain brick or wood. To showcase the brick’s natural coloring, neutral colors such as an off-white or shades of tan are popular. For wood versions of this home style, brighter accent colors are more popular, such as white or vibrant blues for trim, doors and shutters.

5. Colonial Revival

The colonial revival style is great for experimenting with the popular colors of 2021. For the best use of neutral tones, try grays or beiges as your main color. For a pop of color, paint the door a bright red or blue.

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