Why Painting In The Winter Is A Smart Idea

image of a home that was painted in the winter

Why Painting In The Winter Is A Smart Idea

Painting in the winter can seem counter intuitive. It’s cold. You’re inside all the time. You can’t get a really clear picture of how light will affect the room. All true statements.

However, there’s a few counter-claims to consider that are certainly worth consideration. Painting your home’s interior in the winter is a smart idea if you take into account the information below.

There’s less humidity in the winter. On the right winter’s day, the conditions inside your home can be as ideal for painting as you could possibly ask. Basically, you want to be painting on a day where moisture in the air is limited. Of course, in winter the risk of rain is always there and sometimes you’ll have dew in the air early in the morning. Overall though, the humid conditions of most Kansas City summers far outweigh the winter conditions. In days of high humidity, you’ll be painting on a moist surface, which makes it less likely for the paint to properly adhere and dry evenly. It reduces the “lifespan” of your paint job, and may lead to slight discoloration as well. Score a point for winter painting on this one.

another home that was painted in the winter, this one all white and creamYou have more time to think about what you want. If you’re like most people, you spend A LOT more time indoors in the winter. That extra time can help you really understand what you want out of your new paint selection. It’s actually beneficial to selecting colors that are just want you want not only in the sunny summer days, but in the long winter nights as well. There’s less of a chance that you’ll want to repaint just a few short years down the road when you’ve spent some long evenings staring at your home’s interior. *Note* One of the big benefits we offer our customers is free color consultations. That’s also a great deterrent against making a decision you’ll regret in the near future.

Supply and demand are in your favor. In the summer, everyone is painting. As a result, there’s a lot more demand for professional painters which in turn leads to higher costs for their services. In the colder months when things are slower, pro painters are more likely to offer specials or deals. That works in your favor. You may save 10% or even 15% versus what you’d pay in the spring or summer. This is true even for us. We currently have a 15% offer on select interior services, including repainting.

To recap…you’ll likely get a color palette that you’re sure to love. You’ll likely (almost undoubtedly) save money. And you’ll likely have ideal conditions for painting – indoors of course. What’s not to love? Painting in the winter is a smart idea of these factors matter to you.

If you’re thinking about having some winter work done, please contact us using the short form to the right of this post. 9 out of 10 customers refer us to their friends and family for good reasons. And those reasons are craftsmen level quality, industry leading warranties and fair prices.

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