Popular 2016 Interior Painting Colors

Sky blue is a favorite inside paint color for kansas city homes in 2016 as shown by this accentric layout in blue paint

Popular 2016 Interior Painting Colors

It’s that time of year, the Royals are making a post-season run and weekends are filled with football. Leaves are turning and falling, and Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice lattes back on the menu. It’s Fall, and winter is right around the corner. Most people don’t think about repainting their house during the winter, but if you’re looking at having the inside of your home updated, it’s also a great time to breathe some life into it with a fresh interior color scheme. Here’s a look at some options that are gaining traction as early favorites for 2016 interior painting colors in Kansas City.

Warm CoralOne holdover from last year is Warm Coral. Already thinking of the summer vacation you’ll be taking? This color evokes a tropical vibe, even when miles away from the beach. Peach is a similar color that brings a relaxed, but positive energy to a room. Often times this is matched up with a light blue or turquoise to make it pop. This is both a “strong” color and a calming tone at the same time. Avoid using this with black accents though, or it’ll end up feeling like Halloween in your home long after Fall has passed.

Another popular option lately is Essential Teal. This is a great compliment for dark hues, especially bedrooms for light sleepers that need a calming surrounding to get some rest. Add in clean white trim, lamp shades and other accessories to bring out a surprising warmth in this color. Kansas City homeowners have been adding all sorts of blues this year, and this is among the most popular colors heading in to 2016. We have to admit, this is a very calm, soothing color.2016 paint color warm teal in brown kansas city bedroom

Every year we see people trying vibrant colors in at least one room for their kids. Something that captures the energy and excitement of growing up. This year’s winner is lavender. This is another great option for teens, tweens, children’s rooms and brunettes. This example uses white stripes on an accent wall to break up any sense of being overwhelmed by the color, but even block style approaches with this color are becoming very popular in the area. It’s a fun color, that’s for sure. I can already hear KU fans screaming about having purple in their homes. Fear not, this is a much lighter purple than what K-State uses and nobody will ever question your fandom. It’s a fun color that really catches your eye when you enter a room, but it’s not over the top.

Coutry BrownNot everything is groundbreaking. Country Brown – a slightly darker beige – is still very popular due the calming tones and relaxed feel it provides. It’s surprising how many “bright” colors compliment this and don’t seem out of place in a room. Don’t let the name fool you, many downtown Kansas City, Overland Park and Mission Hills homes are using similar tones (and they couldn’t be further removed from the country).

Finally, nothing captures the feeling of being outside like sky blue. See the image at the top of this post for an example. A tried and true favorite that will trend next year as well. This image takes it to another level by actually painting the ceiling sky blue, but nothing works with the whites and besieges that have dominated Johnson county homes as seamlessly as this light color from the blue family. It’s also a fantastic option for bathrooms and nursery rooms. We’re seeing more and more pairings with lighter shades of green for very natural, spring-vibe pairings inside many homes.

Regardless of if you’re looking for award-winning interior house painting or are just needing to fix extensive wood rot and other exterior surface problems, give Neighborhood Painting a call for a free color consultation. Our focus is on you, the customer, and we’ll help in any way we can (and then back up our work with a 5 year guarantee). Read more of our blog entries here, or contact us today using the simple form to the right of this post! Have a great end of the year and an even better 2016…


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