Popular Paint Colors for Kitchens

Popular Paint Colors for Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most buzzing rooms in your home, so make sure your new color makes diners feel comfortable and stimulates hunger. Typically, dark shades of blue, green, purple or cool neutrals don’t encourage an appetite and can make the room seem closed off. Popular paint color for kitchens include white, yellow, red, gray and light blues and greens. But ultimately, the kitchen should reflect your personal style and make you feel welcome — and hungry!


The Classic Kitchen Colors


Do you welcome a timeless style in your home? Give your home a classic lift with one of these traditionally popular paint colors for your kitchen:


  • Red: Red is a great color to showcase in your kitchen because it stimulates appetite — think of all the red-colored foods! When using this bold color, keep the exposure minimal since red paint on the walls can make the room too overpowering or feel dark.
  • Yellow: Like red, a bold yellow could be overwhelming in your kitchen. However, a light yellow is welcoming and complements most cabinet colors and materials. Light yellow is also a great reflector of natural light, making the space inviting and comfortable.
  • White: White is a classic and elegant design for your kitchen — a popular look right now is an entirely white kitchen with matching walls, counters and countertops and backsplash. White paint, like light yellow, is also great at enhancing natural light.
  • Gray: This popular neutral color is great for creating a grounded and soothing space. Gray is also the ideal neutral to pair with bold colors like blue, yellow or red to have an elevated and modern looking kitchen.
  • Blue: You have a lot of style options when you incorporate blue into your kitchen. Blue is adaptable to any personal style — bright blues create a beach vibe, while light blues paired with ivory invoke a vintage style. Sky hues go great with natural wood, and navy blue is ideal for simple elegance.
  • Green: Green is a light and soothing color. Any shade gives your kitchen an earthy and natural vibe and pairs well with white and natural-colored cabinets.


Trendy Kitchen Paint Color Ideas


If you consider yourself a trendsetter, then go bold and paint your kitchen in one of these trendy colors. These colors are vibrantly fun and versatile, while also being indicative of your favorite foods — helping punch up your kitchen and making you a bit hungry:

  • Celery green: Celery green can bring an earthy or organic feel to your kitchen. This green looks great with white cabinets and has an uplifting and airy appeal.
  • Cool mint: Mint is perfect to create a classic, yet vibrant feel in your kitchen. Mint can be incorporated on the walls for a bright and warm effect or on the cabinets as a dramatic statement.
  • Smooth cream: Cream pairs well with a darker mahogany or espresso-colored wood, creating a visually interesting and rustic feel.
  • Smoky gray: Gray is perfect as a monochromatic touch to your kitchen. It also works well to offset bold color choices.
  • Buttery yellow: This yellow can help brighten your day and will pair easily with your cabinet color.

Brighten Your Kitchen Today

At Neighborhood Painting in Kansas City, KS, and Kansas City, MO, we’ll help transform your kitchen into a warm and exciting place for you and your family to enjoy daily. We’ll give your kitchen an inviting pop of color, and to ensure quality customer service, we offer free estimates and color consultations. Complete our online scheduling form or give us a call today at 913-709-6151 to explore the right color for your kitchen.

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