Our Unique Painting Process | Neighborhood Painting | Kansas City

Our Process

Our painting process, both residential and commercial, is unique. This short video below helps tell the story about what sets up apart from other painting contractors. Just click play and follow along:

This quick video helps set the tone for what you can expect, including:

1) Working directly with the owner during the estimating process.
2) Never being asked for a deposit or any other up-front money.
3) Easily being able to schedule your work, and trusting that we’ll arrive on time as promised.
4) Having both a prep crew and painting crew work on your home as promised.
5) NEVER having any sub-contractors in your home; only Neighborhood Painting Inc employees.

We work differently than most other painting companies because we focus on craftsman level quality and extensive preparation and attention to detail. If you want to experience our process first hand, give us a call or fill out the short form that’s available on the contact us page.  Or, visit our blog to read more about what sets us apart and hear our unique take on all sorts of painting-related topics.