Professional Commercial Painting Update

a culvers in kansas city gets a professional paint job applied

Professional Commercial Painting Update

We’ve been busy as the weather starts to change. Kansas City metro area businesses are re-assessing the exterior look and feel of their buildings. Changing the paint scheme on your business’ facade can be a fast, effective and affordable way to update your professional image. Your building’s appearance is a reflection of your company, and a great paint job will ensure that it is a positive one.

a culvers building gets a professional commercial painting job both outside and inFrom exterior to interior, Neighborhood Painting has the necessary skills and manpower to tackle a job of any proportion. We just finished this work on the Culver’s building in Overland Park recently, as shown on the images throughout this post. We’ve done jobs much larger than this, and many smaller as well.

Our Color consultants can help you select just the right shade of color for your project’s needs. When we work on your property we will minimize the interference with your business activities, execute the project efficiently, maintain an open line of communication, and perform quality work on a timely basis. And as always, you can rest assured that no sub-contractors will step foot on your property. Only our skilled craftsmen and professional paint crews.

A professional commercial painting company might not be the first thing on  your list when you consider necessary expenses in Q4, but updating the look of your business today might be just the thing you need to boost those end of year sales, improve company morale and protect the investment in your buildings structure. Interior painting can be a huge benefit to a company,  and selecting the right color can improve the mood and spirit of employees, and can even increase employee productivity. Studies have shown that colors can affect learning patterns, and for this reason we have used these color schemes in some schools that we have painted in the area. 

If you would like to update the interior or exterior of your building, we can help! We’re the top rated commercial painting company in Kansas City, and we service the entire metro area. We have more positive reviews than any other area company, and our commitment to excellence will mirror yours both in and outside of your building. Call today for a consultation, or fill out a form and we’ll contact you via email when it’s more convenient. The professional commercial painting partner you need is just a call or click away!


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