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Relaxing Paint Colors For Your Bathroom

green sage adds a relaxing feel to a newly painted bathroom

Relaxing Paint Colors For Your Bathroom

Kansas City winters are harsh, there’s no debating that. After a long day in the blustering wind and chilly temperatures, nothing beats coming home and unwinding with a nice hot shower or warm bath.

It’s even nicer if your bathroom feels like a relaxing, peaceful retreat. If you have kids, the bathroom may be your getaway room. The one place in the house where you can lock the door and escape for a bit. Luckily, you don’t a need an expensive remodel to create this tranquil environment. Simply changing color combinations can create a soothing sanctuary for you to escape in.

There’s plenty of paint color options that set the mood for relaxation. Let’s explore a few examples of colors and color combinations that use paint effectively to create relaxing spaces that are ideal for unwinding and revitalizing.

green-sage-bathroom-2One contemporary color that is becoming popular again is sage green. When used on used accent walls or on horizontal planks, this color captures the airy feeling of the great outdoors. It’s a good idea to include plenty of white to bring the green wall color to life. If winter has you wishing you were somewhere a little warmer but still enjoying nature, a woodsy color-scheme like this might be just right for your new bathroom colors.

Green isn’t the only color that can borrow from nature to create a calming retreat-like feeling in your bathroom. Blue accent walls and beadboard are reminiscent of a clear sky. Cream or ivory colored molding can also have the feeling of ocean waves cresting white at their peak. You may even consider having your actual bathing area painted a little differently that the rest of the bathroom, just to make it feel like a true destination.

I’m a nature lover myself, but that being said, nature-themed color palettes aren’t the only good options when you’re aiming for a relaxing bathroom transformation. Interior walls that utilize lavender are soothing, calming and relaxing. If it seems too feminine for the entire house to enjoy, a darker purple accent wall can deepen the look and feel. The overall ambiance is still one of peace either way.

If you just don’t feel that pastels will cut it, there’s simpler options. Light gray is a stunning interior paint color that feels both sophisticated and relaxing. White trim can keep it feeling crisp and clean, and even a more colorful accent wall won’t take away the relaxed feeling of the overall color selection.

The right interior paint colors can make a huge difference in the “tone” of your bathroom. But creating relaxation goes beyond paint. Here’s a few other things to consider:

* Create good lighting – Don’t strain your eyes under bright bulbs. Lighting that may be perfect for getting ready in the morning probably is too bright for when you want to unwind. Consider installing dimmer switches. Better yet, remove a light or two near the bathtub, and consider candles there instead.

* Pick relaxed scents – Regardless if candles will work for a light source, be sure to grab one or two in a scent that you love. Essential oils like lavender or chamomile are another great option. Regardless, making sure that your bathroom smells like relaxation will go a long way to getting you there.

* Bring the outdoors inside – If your bathroom has even a hint of natural light, consider bringing a few plants into your bathroom. If you just can’t have a plant in your bathroom (for whatever reason), consider artwork that showcases plants, trees and fields as elements of your decor.

Hopefully these ideas get the wheels turning as you consider what you’ll do next with your home’s interior. Remember, our customers always receive complimentary color consultations. Plus, we have a full range of interior services beyond painting. If you’re ready for something between status quo and full-fledged remodel, our experienced craftsmen can help you create it! Use the short form on the right to get started…

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