Repaint Your Front Door To Update Your Home’s Look & Feel

Repaint Your Front Door To Update Your Home’s Look & Feel

Repaint Your Front Door To Change Your Home’s Look

Often enough, we do great interior home painting work for customers and then ask them what color they’d like their front door painted.  Most of the time we get some blank looks and a statement similar to “well, I never thought about painting the door!”  Sure enough, it’s an easy way to freshen up the look and feel of your home, simply by adding a new color of paint to your front door. The video below does a great job of showing the impact that choosing a rich color can have on your home’s appearance:

This is something that that the DIY crowd likes to try and do themselves, even if they are having a professional painting company handle the rest of the house.  If you’re going to tackle this on your own, remember these important tips below:

* Depending on the type of door you have and your desired finish, you can remove the door from the hinges and spray it. This will give you the smoothest finish.  If you can’t remove it, use foam rollers for a smoother finish.  Smaller brushes for any recessed areas are important as well.

* If you have a storm door on your home, its best to have the kind that can ventilate. If the storm door does not have a way to ventilate temperatures inside the area between it and the front door, the temperature can be extreme …especially if the door is metal. Darker Colors can make this even worse, so keep this in mind when selecting colors.  Cool/light colors can control the heat better. If you do not have a storm door or if the door ventilates, then you can go for the darker, richer colors.

A house's front door is painted deep red to offset the gray border* Variations of red are the most difficult colors to select.  There are so many undertones of red colors that it can look vastly different once you have it on the door. It’s the hardest color to paint, sometimes requiring 4 or even 5 coats to get it to the ‘ True Color ‘ that you had in mind at the outset.

* Thinking about the finish?  We would stick with Satin or Semi Gloss finish. If the sheen is too high, it can show too many imperfections in the door, especially in the summer when the light is extra bright.

* Make sure that you give your newly painted front door adequate time to dry before having much traffic in and out of the house.  It’s an easy way to ruin clothes, carpet and the rest of your day otherwise!

When it’s all said and done, this is the type of job that may be best if left to professional painters.  Interested in “nailing” that new color for your front door and projecting a richer image to neighbors and visitors?  Call us today!  We’d love to give you a free, no hassle estimate to repaint your front door…and the rest of your home!


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